Friday….Not just any other Friday…

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SO I went to breakfast with my quilty friends…it has been quiet the past few fridays becuase several of them have been sick. SO maybe next week we will have our group back….I wish I coudl eat french toast..but’s not allowed. But in all actuality I have to say on this diet I have not been hungry…and the last 2 days no I think the detox off sugar and carbs is going well.  Rob is really struggling..but Rob drinks all kinds of sugar soda…and he snacks more than the average bear…so he is wishing for next Saturday…which is when he can have two free days of eating what he wants. At this point he says he will be done with the diet altogether but he will finish out his 12 days.

For myself at this point could change daily..minute by minute…I think I can stick to this plan for awhile. if it works. Since I am not hungry..I am not eating sugar or snacking….I think my portions are getting’s either that or I am just so sick of salad..that I eat’s kind of a toss up…lol. anyhow..I am finding creative ways to stuff everything with veggies and just eat it.

But to finish my day…..I got home from breakfast and got a call from Lori to take a look at QB. This comment was left on a post about this quilt:

“OMG!!!!!  I do believe that is my Cosmic Twist quilt from my book.  I have never seen it so beautifully quilted.  Is there a way I can get in touch with the quilt maker?  She has done such a fabulous job of her colour selection and her piecing too.  Cheers – Eileen Wright Author: “Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts”

How AMAZING is that?


That made my day. I actually own that book….have I made a quilt from it….hmmm no. someday. *sigh*

I had to purge all my thoughts on BC issue. LOL

Then I became a MACHINE….I didn’t leave my long arm for teh next several hours..I was on a mission. I want to work on a few of my own projects…and then you knwo what happened..I went to get quilts from LQS…mind you pretty much nothing came in all week…I have been in every day this week…working on a few things here and there…I got TEN quilts today…yes i said TEN! So we go..I need to become a machine everyday now..again. LOL It’s ok job security. Good news though too…I can start posting pictures of LQS quilts on now you will see more pics. I am also pricing out cameras…oh no..anotehr big purchase..I stress about spending I am teetering back and forth over what I should get..if it’s worth it?…but I really want to post better pictures on here….plus I  want to take a photograpy course and I need some good equipment…so I will have to think about of for a bit before I take the plunge..why? cause I need to torture myself with stress before I just decide to say”yes” to myself. It’s ridiculous!

OK well if I am going to get any sewing done..I better get going…

Thanks for the little chat! LOL






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