Friday Night Parties

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Yesterday was quite the day to celebrate. I have caught up on all my local and non -local Christmas Deadlines ( mostly…I have a few for friends  and some of my own) …that’s a huge relief. Honestly. I don’t think I have ever been caught up like this with a week left for Christmas. AMAZING! I think its cause I have a new errand boy…that keeps me in front of the quilting machine for a few hours more each day. wise investment.

I started out my Friday going to quilty Breakfast…..right before I left i got a fabulous note from Jane stating she had finished my quilt. I sent her several quilts awhile ago and I think this is the last one she has…’s AMAZING! I can’t wait to show you when it arrives…she is even binding it for Sweet? I will tell you the story of the quilt when I post it..but it’s really a special quilt and even more so …that Jane quilted it. It probably needs to be showed now. :)

Breakfast with the girls is always nice….it’s a great Friday tradition that we have been doing for a few years now. Pure pleasure and talking. The diner used to have the BEST bacon…they have a new cook now…it’s pretty bad. Bacon was the icing on the breakfast.

I came home to work on little things….pack my little gifts for quilt group party. I traded labor with Harmony. I quilted for her…and she made scarves for me from my leftover minkee scraps …minkee on one side and cotton on the other. They are super cute.   Here is one I kept for myself. ->IMG_3803 IMG_3808

Then I cleaned my studio a bit…sewed up some scrappy block I have had sitting at my sewing table for far to long than I want to admit. It was nice not to have something nagging at me to finish because it has a deadline. I just relaxed. I visited down at the shop for awhile since I hadn’t been down there for a while. While down there i noticed some of the shop samples were for sale…I bought this Amy Butler bag. It has been on display since this fabric was released…they used it to sell her patterns…I LOVE this bag. It has been hanging and just waiting for me. SO I picked it up and brought it home…her FOREVER home.IMG_3789 LOL Amy Love. IMG_3788

Rob had to deliver the boys….and quilts to Beth..YAY! Then I went to my Quilt group Christmas Party at our local Mexican restaurant. YUMMY! Lots of fun and gift exchanges. Do you know what our overall favorite treat must be? Several of us had gifted the Lindt chocolates..we have many different flavors in our collection. LOL I was the one who gifted white chocolate. IMG_3792

Clarissa felt these Candy Canes were important to show because they are her favorite. :)IMG_3793

I was also gifted these FQ’s by my Secret Sister. ( she wasn’t a secret this year) I was so happy to have her as my Secret sis because she was so GOOD to me. We have the same style and shopping habits. LOL Thank You Sabrina! Joel Dewberry fabs! YUMMY! IMG_3791 IMG_3790

Sabrina was the host for last month’s meeting and she gifted kits to a group member ( marge got them) to make these ornaments. There were two of them…So gorgeous! Marge completed them and we had a drawing for them. I won one of them. Pretty right?IMG_3801 IMG_3802


Then after the party..I stopped by the church for Game Night. That’s where the rest of my family was…and we ended up staying until after 1 am. I didn’t think we have been there that long. We always have so much fun and clearly we all have the gift of gab. :)

I am blessed. I love the holiday season. Always so much fun and gives me another reason to spend time with people I care about.

I hope you all have much to be thankful for and you recognize that.








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