Friday Happenings….June 1st 2012

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June already…boohoo! LOL 2012 is almost half over…when I say that outload..I feel like I am a half empty type of a girl? I’m really not…I am usually the glass is  half full girl…really I am. But when it comes to time…I am totally not the optimist. I am beginning to dislike summers very much…for one thing my boys spend half of their summer away from home….they spend it with their dad in Spokane…and then the two oldest ones have summer jobs…I know…I know. That’s actually a good thing. But you know the summer will just whiz by….then I will have three kids in high school (rather than just two)…and one of them will be a senior. boohoo!….I will also have two kids in middle school…..and only one left in elementary. *sigh*

Such is life.

Speaking of that…last night we had Clarissa’s birthday party. She wanted to have a slip-n-slide party. However..the weather wasn’t on our side. I tried telling her…several times..she typed out her invites….all by herself..and I have to say they were really cute…but I was afraid a parent may have thought that it was a parent that typed them out and not her…so I was actually afraid to hand them out…maybe those parents would think I was uneducated? The invitations said “Slipping Slide Party” and they had other small things…which I thought were adorable for a 9 year old. typed invitation…so much so that I took a picture of them for her scrapbook. But she typed new ones because we changed it to a sleepover party. She only had two girls show up and one couldn’t stay….Shelby ( her BFF) stayed…which is not unlike any other weekend…so it was good for me. But I did make sure she had planty of good snacks and a homemade cake ( she likes home made things better than store bought)  with fresh sliced strawberries on top because that is her all tiem favorite food. When she is the only one home…she will request only fruit and green beans for dinner. If we have strawberries in the house…she will sneek them if I don’t just give them to her….by far she goes crazy for them. I also bought fresh cherries…the early cherries are ready..YUMMY! Central WA is really such a good place for fruit..all summer…there are fresh fruit stands all over the place….all kinds. And of course POPCORN! It’s a family favorite…and I bought the ready made packets that the kids just pop into the popcorn machine..perfect popcorn every time.

Today is (Saturday) is Clarissa’s ballet recital. She is excited about that…it’s a busy weekend for everyone in town. High school graduation was last night….so lots of parties this weekend..we are going to Jared’s party today…I am sorry the boys will miss it..they really love Jared. They are in Spokane with their dad….and they went to a concert last night a band called LMFAO. They sing the song “I’m Sexy and a know it” …….  They didn’t know they were going…so I am anxious to see how it was for them. I have to make the disclaimer that I don’t really monitor my kids’ music….I monitor tv and the best of my ability ( they still watch some I wouldn’t approve of). I think they are at the ages that they download their own music……and whatnot….The youth group leader had a big discussion with them about it…we have all talked about it several times…and they even found  Christian rapper they love…his name is Lacrae (sp?)…so I think they will be convicted in their own time. I don’t have to do it for them. I think it’s all a process and they will figure it out. I actually still listen to music I shouldn’t listen too as well. But mostly in the car I listen to christian worship…and of course Michael Buble….  Bruno Mars…you know? Feel good music for me.

So we have a busy day ahead of us…..and That’s ok. I like that…I like the experiences….Rob is going to go buy flowers for Clarissa. It’s a tradition that the dancers get flowers after the recital. This is a little detail Rob HAS to do for Clarissa….because she really takes it seriously that he does this for her…she talks about it..she loves it and it makes her feel special.  The last time he bought her red roses …and she pulled me aside to ask me privately “Mom did Dad buy those all on his own…just for me?” I know she isn’t a normal kid right? she likes homemade cake rather than store-bought fancy cakes….and she loves that her dad would go out on his own and buy her flowers.  It’s because she reads people very well…she adapts to everyone around her…she likes to take care of people and she finds the details that will make everyone around her feel special. She knows how her dad is…and for him to recognize and take that step to do something like that for her…well she knows it takes alot for him. But she is a special girl and he has always gone out of his comfort zone for her.  So she recognizes it , every time.

I love that about her…and him. *even if I have to remind him*

Did I tell you all about “Apples to Apples” (A2A) at Christmas?

It was such a funny thing. A2A is a game…comparisons right. So each person is a judge…and they draw a green apple card. That card is the topic card. So then all other people pass a red apple card(these cards are just random persons, places or things…anything) to the judge ,face down…they have to shuffle them, then read each card outloud and choose one that they think best suits the green apple card. It’s a fun game. But you really have to know the person judgeing the green cards because they choose the one THEY think is they could choose something ironic, funny, sarcastic..or true. So it helps if you actually know the person. That way you can decide how to choose your card (that you are going to pass)…cause you want your card chosen…that’s how you win.   Well this last Christmas we were playing this game..and Clarissa got a card that said something like “Cute” So we all had to send her a card from our own hands….Rob happened to have Red Roses and I happened to have Chimpanzees. Well we went to the Woodland park Zoo last August.  Clarissa loved those Chimps..they had had a few babies..and they were feeding and the moms were nurturing them…we had to drag Clarissa away from them…you know? That was her favorite vacation memory. So she had narrowed down her choices to those two cards. LOL. Rob and I of course can’t say who had which card….cause she has to be I would say :Oh Clarissa Do you remember those really cute baby chimps at the zoo….oh the mom was feeding that one little baby..and the other was sucking his thumb. Then Rob would say: Clarissa remember the bouquet of red roses I got you after your ballet recital?

Landon said   “you two do know you are putting your poor daughter in the middle?” LOL Therapy sessions. LOL

Sadly the chimps lost. Red roses beat the little baby chimps…Can you believe that? That’s OK. I can take it.

Well I better get some work done….Have a FABULOUS day!

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