Friday Crumbs

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HI everyone,

Well I think I actually did get alot accomplishe dtoday..but all the right things?? jury is still out on that.

I had breakfast with my quilty friends. I had a class today..I am doing a wool BOM and I offered to help out and teach the class since we are down on instructors..I didn’t know what time the class was until today….usually I am better about these things. But you knwo I have said many times over I am not a gifted teacher..adn truly I am not ..I can tell you how I did something….but to actually teach..well I am a much better cheer leader..Thank Goodness¬†some of the¬†gals that were in the class were better versed than I in the techniques we needed…so we got through muddy waters and all.

I don’t know why I get that way..I get nervous and lose my train of thought. I could rehearse a dozen times and still not be able to teach something unless i have done it 100 times. LOL The DJ class is much better because I am a big Cheer leader mostly and I just have to help with a few things along the way.

This weekend I will be working on quilts from New Jersey..YAY! Genny!

I also worked on a king size quilt for the shop today…one more turn and it’s finished..I felt pretty accomplished by that..but I also finished anothe one of my own..I honestly can’t believe I got it done..I was so intune..that I got it done in three hours tonight..I didn’t take one eyes are straining..but I knew I had to just get it done….because I need to get one on the frame for Beth before I give her another stack of binding work..hehe. Gotta keep her happy.

Rob and I went and bought all the superbowl groceries..thsi year is kind of different…we just called subway and ordered a 6 foot sandwhich….got 10 bags of chips….and soda. I am going to make a pasta salad, deviled eggs and chili cheese dip….so it won’t take me all day to cook….which will be nice. The kids always invite friends over for the game.

Well I need get some rest so I can get geared up for tomorrow…I hope you all have a fabulous friday!




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