Friday! Carla’s Birthday.

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Carla she is one of my Besties.Carla and Ella


This is her with her new Grand-baby. Carla just turned 40 last year and got the news that she was going to have a grand-baby. Aren’t they cute?

Anyway..all of us gals are getting together for the weekend. Pedicures, talking, eating, a craft show and shopping. Perfect recipe for the soul.Me and Mary


This Mary and Myself. Last year at Carla’s 40th birthday.

Stacey me  courtney

This is Stacey, Me and Courtney. I am not a huge fan of these pics….but in a year…I am hoping I will look completely different…so they will be great “before” shots.

I have a good group of girlyfriends. We have all been friends for 20 years…I am the youngest. I have to say when we were younger I HATED being the youngest…now it doesn’t matter. But on top of being the youngest I also started my family sooner…( except for Carla…she was older than all of us and had her son right after high school). So not only was I held back because of my age..then when I did get old enough to go all the places adults go..I couldn’t because I had kids, I was pregnant , nursing or couldn’t. I am ok with that. I did go through a short phase of “partying” when my husband left me. But My favorite times during that time were really the weekends when it was just me and my 3 boys ( looking back anyway).

All of that rabbit trail… say I have a history with these women….they love me inside and out..flaws and all. I get to go spend time with people who “get” me. I don’t have to be anyone but me…( which is the case anyway) and I get to go to a comfortable place. The most valuable time I have with them is when we talk and share. We could do anything and it is always a comfortable pleasant time.  I feel so blessed that God didn’t just give me one person but 4. Honestly? How many people get that? 4 other women who have been by my side for 20 years. It’s a very special thing. One of those things I can’t really describe because it’s God ordained. There have been times when we have been angry, gossiped, and hurt each other..and we always come back…to that special friendship.  Most of those things happened when we were young and trying to discover each other…I Think we all know each other so well would  be hard not to know what buttons we are pushing…or what triggers another gal’s anger ect. We have all had our babies together…all of our kids have grown up together…and our lives are intertwined forever. How special.

There have been many people that have come and gone…but these last 5 remain. my Besties Forever! Love you gals!




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