Flowers and Snowballs

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YAY! Another UFO marked off the list!  While  at the quilters yard sale last October…I also picked up 12 blocks. The blue/green pieced ones in this quilt. It was 5$ for 12 blocks…and I thought the focus fabric was cute. I had never seen it before..but the other fabrics were from the “Cherish Nature” line by Deb Strain….I recoginized those right away. LOL  That line came out when I still worked at the shop and I had to cut several kits from that line.

Anyway…..I bought some fabrics that I thought would go well with the focus fabric….my original plan was just to sash the blocks and make a lap quilt. 12 blocks is a great number for that….but then I just thought..that is boring…and the whole reason I bought the blocks is because I loved the floral fabric in the center….so I need to fulfill that long arm quilter side of me…and make it so I can have an area to quilt some of those flowers…Can you imagine spirograph type flowers in those snowball blocks? YAH! ME too! SO I made snow ball blocks to frame in the purchased blocks to showcase quilting. I always have to make things more difficult for myself. It’s all part of the process though…how can I get better if I don’t practice?

The problem with these blocks ( I am pretty sure I know why they were in the sale) is that it must have been a new quilter. YIKES! They were so un-even..some had a half inch seem….others were great? Then some have two different seem allowances. I was able to get them together..and the quilt is square because of the borders….I measured the borders and eased everything in to make it all work…. but you can see all sorts of points are chopped off or don’t match up..perfect quilt for practicing. Plus it didn’t cost me much…right? Well kind of…I still have to buy several yards to complete it and I need a backing yet. It’s all part of the addiction though. I still love the top and think it was a great project..happy to get it off the cutting counter and in the “To be quilted bin” YAHOOO! Making progress!



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  1. Deb in Japan July 28, 2012 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    I love the quilt and can just picture the flowers in the snow balls. This is going to be so pretty! That shade of blue is one of my favorite colors. So you going to quilt it up for the sale page?

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