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I used to do some swapping on QB.

The QB is a forum..and there are rules on that order to keep unity on the forum …and not offend people they tailor rules to keep the advertisers happy, the owners happy and try to keep as many people as they can on the forum. I understand that.  So they have to appeal to the masses. {it wasn’t always that way in some cases/subjects}

I happen to be a fabric snob. I have a theory on this though.  Quilting is a beautiful thing…so if you can only afford Wal-Mart fabric and you must quilt..please do. But there is a stark contrast in quality of fabric..whether some people believe that or not? (it’s a fact) but nothing I want to debate…because the fact is that we all get to have our personal opinions.

I personally think that if I am going to spend my time & money to create art I want to use the best of supplies. I have had personal experiences with less than quality fabrics…and I feel bad in those cases ( batting also falls into this category). I can afford that…I also believe the difference in price verses quality isn’t great enough to use second rate fabric either. You don’t have to spend 10-12$ no a yard of fabric. You can buy it on fact I just bought several yards of name brand quality fabric last week for 3$ a yard. So you just need to look & shop around just like with anything else.

All of that to say I now get to be involved with some swaps because FLICKR groups are great…and they can make whatever rules they want..they will specify the types of fabrics…and state that they will send second rate fabrics back to you..and disqualify you from the swap. Of course if you do a monthly are kind of at the mercy of who ever sends it to you..and that’s OK. I just love that you can be so specific and straight forward…and not have to have the wrath of people who have strong opinions about their fabric…and why they don’t buy certain fabs ( either way if you are a snob or not).

So I am part of two groups currently. February is my month for both of these groups.  I chose the same blocks for both of them. But one is a modern solids bee. The other is whatever I request. I requested soft pastels. I love the way each quilt is coming together. It’s pretty amazing how they are so different. IMG_4410

I can’t  wait to get these together and finish them. IMG_4411


You can find the block here It was a free BOM on Crafty last year..for the month of January. Very easy block. they featured it the same month as the slashed block. So if you are interested in some block swaps you should go to FLICKr and keep an eye out. They have them for anything & everything.


Today we even got a package from Puerto Rico..with some tasty sweet treats ..That’s so nice!







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  1. Suzette March 3, 2013 at 7:13 am - Reply

    I agree with you Charisma. It’s the main reason I don’t do swaps anymore. I totally appreciate that some can only afford Walmart fabric, but I make it a point to save up until I can afford quilt shop quality fabric and I was tired of getting sub-standard fabrics in the blocks sent to me. I loved the ladies in these swaps, but the blocks were useless to me if they wouldn’t hold up over time. My choice was to stick with the group, but lose the swapping.

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