Fishing lures for a 40th Birthday

Categories: UncategorizedBy Published On: August 20, 20128.5 min read178 words0 Comments on Fishing lures for a 40th Birthday a special gal! She and I became friends through a mutual friend..and through the course of FB and this blog we have been bonded. LOL

I love that!

Danyel decided to take up quilting…..She has been inspired by all of us..she she bought her first sewing machine at the beginning of the year with her tax money and she has been roughing it with internet patterns and what not to get her first quilt finished…isn’t that great? I love that!

I sent her a link to rail fence’s so easy to learn on and it works up nicely. She did a great job… I just got it quilted for her. She made this for a friend …I wrote a special messgae in there for his 40th birthday…and if you look close I quilted loops and all different types of fishing lures….to create the illusion of fishing line with lures. So cute! This is going to Beth for a binding treatment….YAY!

Thanks Danyel! You are the best!



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