First Day of the Quilt show…

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Well I arrived at the quilt show in a whirlwind…I kind of think it ( who am I kidding it was!) was easier when I had 6 little kids and I had to dress them all, tie their shoes….pack snackbags I could get out of the house  faster and be on time everywhere…rather than when I have teens. Teens are grumpy….they don’t get up when you ask them ( well some of them) …so they ticked me off yesterday morning…I made them walk/ride their bikes down to the school because I left without them…(in  moment of weakness I did go back and get them but they had already left….*sigh*)

So I arrived had a few seconds to get ready….the machine they gave me to work on at the show was down most of the’s brand new ..just out of the box and sometimes you need to get the oil and run it a few minutes before you can actually start stitching..and doing that in front of people who are waiting to see you quilt is stressful.

we made 100 gifts to give at my booth…we ran out of those within an hour of the show…because we didn’t anticiapte a huge turn out…we had over 150- before 2 hours had passed..the afternoon was slow…but today I anticiapte will be busier.

So there is the bad parts of my day ( not really bad right?)


SO here goes the rest….THE BEST!

I met so many nice people..I was able to see all of the local people that I hadn’t seen in awhile…and meet new ones. There were people I had never met on-line from Qb or my blog. That was so sweet! I was able to share my love for God because that is all through my work. I was able to talk about my love of quilting…my style and the graduation of my work. I was asked for several long arm classes from people who already own machines….it was a GREAT day. I think I bonded with a few more friends.  It’s a day that you just know all the right things are happening. The kids  are also very excited because yesterday they made more money than what their expenses were and today will all be profit…so that’s success. We had to go buy more food because we ran out of some!

On top of that it was missionary night at the I didn’t have to make dinner …and I finished the night with a missionary service.

During that service Carla and Courtney showed up with two of my boys…Can we say BLISS? All my kids are home and 2 of my besties are here.

So here are the rows of quilts & my display and station…..I will make posts later when I have time about my favorites and show details. There were 260 something quilts all together. I will also explain how the show ended up and what the stations were.


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