Fired Up Friday

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Well I had this great plan for yesterday.

I woke up to have breakfast with my quilty friends. Check. That was nice as always. Now 2 of my quilty friends work at the local quilt shop…..they both work fridays. Fun…yay!

So then we all went to the shop. Check. I had a meeting with Cindi. Found out she is not going to be at MQX…cause she is working the Spokane quilt show. She has tried to get into that show for years….and someone cancelled so she got in. YAY! I wish I could go to that show because I know I have quilts in that show. I was even going to enter some of my own…however….I missed the deadline because it was the beginning of August for an October show. There are lots of quilts for that show.

Then I came home to work on a few quilts. Check.

Beth came to drop off a quilt and picked up some. Check. Always a nice visit with Beth.

Keair came and picked up her baby quilts. Check. Love her cute little belly.

Then I took Clarissa and Bryce with me to pay bills…and grocery shop. Check. Put all groceries away. Check.

made dinner for kiddo. Check.

Rob came home at about 6:45-7…had to take boys to Ritzville. So I got a text at exactly 8:13pm. Rob was going to get something to eat… Zips. Zips is fast food place…in Eastern WA. The closest one is in Ritzville…and he loves that place. So nothing unusual.

Then I get a call at 8:32.

Rob said to come get him the car caught on fire.

My husband is always playing tricks on me…( I call him a liar!)…I said “Are you serious?” He said “yes”….SO I could tell he was I knew he was being serious. I start throwing questions. I always ask a ton of questions cause this is how I process…but he is frustrated because he doesn’t know the answers. So I hang up and let each of us cool off.

I get in the car…I have to stop at gas station…and get feuled up.

I then make the hour trip to get him. Clearly I a aware that the car is going to cost a lot to fix. or we have to get a new car. This is really bad timing. I start praying. I just ask God to work out all of the details and provide us with a car we can afford.

Here’s the irony. For a year and a half…we have always had a back up car. I am the one who has been keeping a back up car because I am paranoid…and I hate unexpected things to happen…and not have a back up plan. We sold our back-up car 4 weeks ago…exactly.  Rob is the one who says…”Oh we don’t need it” UGH!

So I prayed..decided to call Carla and talk until I get to Ritzville. She said I should pray and ask God for what I need. LOL CHeck. Already done. It feels good to say..”YUp Already did that!” What a good friend to tell me exactly what I need/should do…Then we shared the rest of our week.

By the time I got to Rob, he had already made deals.


So here’s the story….car was working fine…..he got the boys to delivery point ( which is about 75 minutes away.) then went to Zips…about 2 minutes from Delivery point. Car started acting funny he parked ..noticed a ton of smoke opened the hood and it was on fire….he ran into Zip’s to get a fire extinguisher….and the fast thinking employees at Zips…decided to run out to see if he was serious before handing him the extinguisher. So the car kept burning……then they finally gave him one after they ran outside to look…what?  He had parked right next to the buidling …Rob was really frustrated with them. He put out the fire….and waited for it to cool…this is when he called me. He called his Dad…told him everything that was ruined…and wondered if it was worth towing. They both came to conclusion that it wasn’t.

The car would cost of over 500$ to tow….late on a friday night…The nearest wrecking yard is 45 minutes away. With parts and all the work it would take…we would be putting in more than it’s worth. So then as the plan works out…The Zips cook came out for a smoke break while Rob was sitting there. Rob asked him if he wanted a car. He showed him everything that was wrong. Told him if he wanted to deal with the car we would mail him the title. He took the deal.  I find it ironic that we gave him the car….when it’s probably as bad as it is because they wouldn’t just hand my Dh a fire extinguisher. good greif!  The car was given to us….by my wonderful Friend Carla…a few years ago. We have gotten our use from it. Farewell “Blue car” As we called her. While coming home…..I was talking about what we were going to do….about a second car. Thinking of who we could borrow one from until we could buy one. My friend Penny…is selling her old suburban. YAY! So we bought her suburban. We just sold our old suburban and replaced the blue car for another suburban..our gas bill will skyrocket but at least we won’t have an outrageous car pmt and both cars will hold our whole family…double bonus. ( environmentalists hate us….but a suburban is better than a school bus ..which would also haul my family around..just saying)  I just love how God works out all those details.

I think everything happened the way it was supposed to. I was thinking about taking the boys myself…honestly I wouldn’t have known what to do if my car caught on fire. I would have let it burn to the ground or called 9-1-1..Then nothing would have been salveagable..or I would have just stayed in the car….not realizing what was going on.. I actually wouldn’t have gone to Zips..I would have gotten back on the highway and there is no telling what would have happened. This way at least the Zips cook gets a cheap car out of the deal. Rob wasn’t harmed and neither were the kids. PRAISE GOD! He is always protecting us. THANKS!

I had these great plans to get a good bit of quilting done on my MoMo quilt last night cause it has to be to Virginia today she can bind it time for the show. So guess what I am doing today?

Rob is getting his new( to us) car and helping Penny’s son Nick get his car up and running since Nick will now not have their back up car….which worked out perfectly as well because Rob has been helping him get his car running…an 80’s era Iroc.

So I hope today is a better day……I hope you all have something to be thankful for…cause I sure do!




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