FB fast is Over TODAY!!

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Well I will be on FB today to catch up on things from this past week. yahoo!

So I had a great week. I will say that I am not sure I actually got more done than I usually do. It’s been an odd & emotional week. So that might be why.

I will say that I am not as addicted as I thought. I didn’t start twitching or going through withdraws. That’s good.

But I will say that I miss my friends. I honestly do. I felt kind of alone this week. I still had the phone calls. I still had my family. I had my pottery class and Modern Quilt guild this week. I also had my weekly breakfast and lunch dates. But I still felt like something was missing in my everyday life. I have a lot of friends who don’t live near me. Staying connected through social media is now a part of my everyday life. I guess that is good and bad.

I always quote Dolly Pardon “More is more” ….which I think, in many cases is well and good. But in the case of social media, I guess it depends on how you use it….just like with everything else. Food is good when used correctly. Guns are good when used correctly. medications are good when used correctly ect. If abused or not respected they can be harmful.

However, in my everyday life I can’t get all that I need to get done if I have to make phone calls, writes notes and letters and make time to talk to everyone I know. I love that FB allows me to check in, see what everyone is up to. Pray when I need to pray, share recipes and be inspired by what is going on. I guess there is a good and bad perspective to both of those things. I am terrible about keeping up on things otherwise. I am the first person to say that if someone needs me..I will be there, If someone stops by my home they have my undivided attention. I get stopped everywhere to talk…even  by strangers and I will give them my undivided attention. Somehow people tell me their struggles without knowing me and share their pain. I will sit, listen, cry and comfort when needed. One of my closest friends says she hates even going to Walmart with me….because many times I can’t make a quick stop anywhere. shopping could take me 3 hours because I almost always know someone.  The things is that I love that I have that gift. I don’t want that to change. I think it came from God. But in order to maintain my own life, family ect I have had to learn to say no. Keep a distance sometimes and shelter myself. I don’t take on other people’s luggage. It’s not that type of situation. I learned that a long time ago. I think for me the fact that I can’t take on everyone else’s luggage and pain is what actually drains me. I would take on other’s pain and heep that burden on myself if I could because I think, I can handle it. I think I can see things that they can’t see sometimes and watching them live through and navigate through the trials of life is the hardest.   So sometimes it’s best if I distance myself. So Fb seems to be a way for me to keep a healthy distance in some situations.

I will also say that my FB community is a fabulous resource. I have such a variety of friends from so many places. If I need a recommendation, a recipe or anything…there is always somebody who knows something or has tried this or that. I love that! I honestly ask for opinions frequently. From make-up, movies, products, recipes….brands. Anything and everything.

I also know that the minute I ask for prayers or good vibes..there are dozens. Not all of my friends are believers of Christ. But I still believe that when they send me their good energy it comes to me. It’s important to me and I believe whole heartedly that every single person means it when they send me that support.

I have written the other everyday things in my other updates of how Fb affects my everyday life. I think I could give up FB if I need to. It hasn’t even been a temptation for me. But I have bigger addictions, I guess. :)

Thanks so much for following along. :)






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  1. Teresa November 11, 2018 at 8:28 am

    I have missed your smile and love. You add light to my life.

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