Fantastic Friday

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Well I could’t get out of bed this morning..weird huh? So I missed breakfast with quilty friends. I even went to bed earlier than usual…but that happens…when I need sleep I just need

to give in cause it’s rare that I can sleep in. Usually my brain doesn’t shut off long enough for me to fall asleep.

So it was a rough day..I am giving Rob ( and myself) a weekly allowance….we can’t use the account for anything other than household bills. We need to stick to our budget. This about killed Rob today because he had to choose between going to a movie and going out to lunch with me…I opted to eat lunch at home…and he was whining the whole time. He took Carl to the movie tonight. If we want to meet our goals we need to do this..I can eat tortillas for a year to save a buck..Rob however..struggles with the concept of this. So I have to be the backbone. I was pretty proud today not giving in. I actually like our alone time on Friday lunch…it’s like our mini date…..since we don’t do date night often enough.   But we have many wants for our house and Rob’s car…so we need to get some goals met and then look at budget again.

However..I saw that a local furniture store was having a closeout sale and we really do need a dining room table….so I want to go look tomorrow..LOL does that count? I mean it’s a need right?

anyhow…..My new air conditioning/heating unit arrived! So Rob and Carl are going to start installing that tomorrow..or getting everything ready to start the process any how.

Tomorrow is also prom….our school is so small they let juniors & seniors attend Jeri is going with a  group of girl friends..they are putting on fake nails as we speak….they have been putting on spray tan all week…much to her brothers dismay..LOL They think it stinks….well I have news for them….their dirty sneakers and gym socks stink too! Us girls put up with 5 of them..they can suck it up for week with the smell of spray tan!

Clarissa has not been feeling well lately…she has a cold I think…she has been lounging…and snuggling with her minkee quilt. She didn’t even eat dinner.

The boys are in Spokane with their Dad.

Things are running per usual here…..

Have you all been watching that new program called “Scandal” WOW! I have been watching since the first night and I am hooked! I record them and watch them twice before the new episode comes on the following week…it’s really caught me! It’s on thursday nights…try to watch it if you can..I woudl hate for it to get cancelled. LOL

Well I had better get back to Venus….Oh I forgot I took pictures of them…I wanted to share.

 Those are my girls…the champions!


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