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Well I know some of you are waiting to hear about my trip. Things have been crazy since I got back. Friday I had to adjust back to home, answer emails, kind of cry and process everything, meet with Walt about student conferences ( he had to go to the conferences for all my kids last week) Then Rob has a ministry at church. Every other Friday night we have a game night….so we set up board games bring dinner and just mingle with our church family. It’s good times together.

Then Saturday we spent all day at church handing out food boxes. I came home from that to make my power point for Haiti as I was giving testimony during Sunday service. After church we went to lunch with Walt& Victoria. They are leaving for a couple of weeks to spend time with family. I have so much news to share. But I will wait because what I want to share something else today.

I will find out today if there is a path I am to pursue. This could be a long process if I can follow through or it will be a short process cause God will close the door.

On Monday the 12th we visited an orphanage. This wasn’t a planned trip. There is so much to share about this orphanage. Chris and Hal have an AMAZING testimony that never stops! God just shows up in their everyday work because he gave them this mission. The website is here.

But I firmly believe that God had divine appointments during all of this.

A few days before I left Wilma stopped by my house impromptu just to give me a hug and encourage me about Haiti. She is the sweetest gal! I swear God just uses her all the time! She always wants to stay for a few minutes and we are such kindred spirits we can’t stop talking to each other. I think I am just a talker anyway:) LOLPeople probably pray for me to stop…but I keep going. LOLWilma has a niece, Amie, who is adopting 2 little girls from Haiti. They live in an orphanage. She had received and email from the director at the orphanage to say they had survived Sandy and all was well. So she just encouraged me that I would be safe ect.

While at the O I was holding a baby for quite a time that I am pretty sure had autism. I have been around many autistic kids and I felt that way…but Sonya a team mate who has a autistic son ( he is very low functioning hasn’t spoken a word his whole life ect) thought the same thing. Usually moms know :) Well he got a bit fussy so I gave him to his caregiver. Then I walked in the other room picked up a beautiful little girl. The director happened to be there so I asked her if by chance she knew Amie? She said “Yes actually you are holding her daughter….her other daughter is in school so you won’t be able to meet her today” WOW! Isn’t that amazing? In all the O in Haiti I would visit the same one..when this event wasn’t a planned trip? So I loved on her for her mom…..who I have never met in person ..I would just want the same in my heart. So I carried her out to the play yard…and I looked around this tiny little girl met eyes with me and ran to me. Right before she got to me she fell really hard at my feet and hit her head on the cement…you could hear it. She didn’t cry. I couldn’t bend down to get her because I had the other girl in my arms. So I asked my Team mate Ruth to pick her up and love on her. This second little girl wanted nothing to do with her…she only wanted me. So she placed her in my other arm. I toted them around for a bit but my arms got tired so I sat with them both and loved them. I asked them if they were sisters they said “yes”. I really felt a connection to this second little girl. Honestly, my heart fell in love with her. It’s so silly. I am just that way anyway. I know. I tried to push it out of my mind..but I have thought about her everyday since.

As of 2012 adoptive parents can’t go in and choose a child….you fill out your paperwork and then Haitian social services picks out a baby for you. I am just faithful enough to know that if she is supposed to be mine God will cut through all of that. Honestly.

I got home and sent Amie a message stating I had met her daughter and I would send her some pictures. She was amazed ….and grateful. Then when she saw the photo of my girl she said her husband had fallen in love with this little girl as well. So wouldn’t it be great if I could adopt her and these 3 Sisters could maintain a relationship? They have a forever bond as well. Divine appointments?

There are so many variables…I don’t even know if she is up for adoption. I am going to find out today. God will close the door if she already has a forever home. My heart is just aching not knowing.  I would be happy if she did have adoptive parents and parents that loved her…..because God knows best. He knows where she belongs. I also know that he knows my heart desire.

So I am again asking for prayer. Just God’s will. whatever it is. end the pain quickly or prepare us for the long haul of adoption. I will let you all know as soon as I find out. Here is a picture of my little girl~ Rob and I discussed this…he is also consumed with thoughts of her since seeing her picture. We would name her Faith. For many reasons.




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    Ohh Charisma, she is beautiful…..i will pray………

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