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This is so funny….A friend of mine ( and customer) put this on her FB page so I just had to copy and share it.

No matter where I go or how many quilters I meet..there are VERY few that don’t have a stash. I have this sickness. Fabric sickness.

I buy lots of fabric. When I start working on a project…I never seem to have exactly what I want in my 20000$ stash. How is that possible? I have the blessing(curse) of working for my LQS and I have an un-ending account. I quilt every week..and I just charge whatever I want on my account…for a discount…..and I don’t pay attention to balance….bad thing. Very bad thing.

My only saving grace is that my LQS doesn’t buy a lot of my favorite fabric lines….so I don’t go and buy whole bolts of fabric. Usually when they do order my favorite designers they are not in my preferred color way…so I go easy on my purchases…and do my shopping on-line. Which I am much more accountable.  And this is where it gets really sick.

When they do have my favorite lines..I will buy fabric to add to my stash.. then I can’t use them. I will leave my stash alone and then I will go buy more because I can’t deplete my favorite fabrics…then I have ten quilts made with the same fabrics because I am saving it for that “Special” quilt that may need this one cut ( or 5) ten years down the road that nobody else has. See how sick and twisted I am?

So which lines ( or cuts) of fabric do you hoard  hold on to for that special project that may come up in the future?

Are you more of a designer collector….or a color collector? Or is there just that one that spaks to you? I have had all three strike me on certain occasions…but mostly I am  a designer collector. I can’t help it. I have my favs and I tend to stick to my favs.


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  1. lindy November 9, 2012 at 6:22 pm - Reply

    i can say all three at times i realy like some jason yenter lines but most offten im drawn to colours ( red and cream/white) or patterns (paisley) and my stash is not to big but since we are moving soon i have to sell lots off it. poor me :(

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