Easter Weekend

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Easter weekend is always a BIG deal for us. Easter is the most important holiday. Easter is a Christian Holiday…..Easter is about the empty tomb. Jesus died on the cross for our sins…but the most important focus should be that he raised from death ( that tomb is empty). He fulfilled every prophecy and he sits an the mercy seat for us.  Easter is more important than any other holiday. Yes Christmas is important because that was the start of prophecy…however Easter was the sacrifice that is personal to all of us.

We have celebrated every year on Saturday. When I had children I wanted traditions. My family didn’t have traditions. It depended on who my mom was married to….who belonged to who and where we lived…who was drunk ..or who was around. So every year on every holiday was different. I craved security in all areas of my life..so it makes sense that for my own children I wanted traditions.

When I was in my first marriage..Landon’s family had traditions. I loved that about his family. But when I moved here & married Rob I knew all of that would change. Rob’s family doesn’t have traditions either.   Rob was a single dad surviving from moment to moment…buying Easter baskets ( pre-made) the night before , checking the box of “Completed” and just going on with a normal day. On top of that we didn’t have any family near by to invite over. All of our friends have their own families and traditions. I could have just been content to have a small dinner with my own family…but my kids were little and I wanted everything to be “special” all of the time.  So I decided on Saturday night before Easter I would host a potluck and have a flashlight egg hunt for all the kids. It was a hit and we have done this for the last ten years. Even though my kids have outgrown this( for the most part) it’s a tradition and they love to have it. They love to have everyone over, eat the great food and hide the eggs now. Clarissa is the only one who wants to hunt. :)

Well this year we decided to take our ten year tradition to the church. Our house has grown smaller( it seems) and the church needed a good outreach for Easter. It was a BLAST! We had lots of people, Food and fun!

Friday night we had game night and an egg stuffing party…over 1000 eggs…when we finished with that we played Quelf. We stayed til midnight….so much laughing and fun! Saturday morning my kids and I got up to work in the yard for a bit until we ate lunch. Rob worked at the church…they are having some lighting issues..so he was working on that. Sunday was a day of rest. After the Easter service…I lounged all day. Honestly..I thought about working in the studio….on just my own stuff….but then watched cheesy movies and actually rested. The only complaint is that I had to share the TV with Rob and we don’t agree on hardly any programming. He has this really nice TV in the family room that he hardly watches….so we bought an expensive TV for the dogs and kids. :)

Anyway…I hope you all have a blessed week.


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