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WOW!! Could DWTS been any better tonight? That was the BEST first Season ever..I wouldn’t even know how to vote! Tonight would just be a vote for whomever your favorite star was because all the dances were AMAZING! I thought the Green Bay Packers guy was HAWT!!! Until The Latin guy danced! ( I don’t know any of their names..LOL) WOW! Great SHOW!


Other than that today was DJ Monday….I had class..it’s really a meeting to check in with eachother and cheer eachother on..Thank goodness cause I hadn’t done anything in two weeks..I have been busy..not to mention out of town for one of the weekends..and I am beginning to think I am kind of addicted to long arm quilting..Have I been in denial all this time? I have no idea..but I can’t start a  12 step program because well..it’s my job…Oh speaking of addiction.


I have been carb free now for quite some time…Well At least every 12 days with two days of carbs…and I have lost 19 pounds…YAHOO! Well I should make a disclaimer I have lost 19 pounds since starting Zumba…..I have set my next goal and slowly working towards it. The no carbs things is actually pretty easy now..although ( I don’t know if I should share this..but I will..cause it’s all about honesty right?) I made this no carb soup last weekend…and it was REALLY YUMMY! like I ate 2 bowls for three meals..and I still have about two bowls left..hardly any calories I think…but it has a new name now “TBC” Which stands for TOTAL BODY CLEANSE! I am not even kidding. I didn’t even take a chance on eating it today because I had to leave the house…..I am pretty sure my organs were going to start falling out….so I gave myself a rest today. Anyway..I think I had such an addiction to sugar. It’s amazing after you are off the stuff how great you feel. I have not eaten pasta, rice, bread, fruit…nothing. Veggies & Meat. I will say a few times I have indugled in some BBQ sause which is high in sugar..but just a bit to flavor my meat. No dipping or anything.

Yesterday at church the sermon was about temptations and tests. The devil is constantly testeing us …tempting us..to follow him. God allows us to me tempted even though he knows what our reaction will be..why? So that we know where our loyalty lies. When we give in to temptation our loyalties lie with Satan….When we don’t our loyalties lie with Jesus..are we going to slip?..of course…what do we have to do?..repent. That is the short version. So at lunch after church we were all discussing this as a family..and I openly admitted my weakness…sugar and fabric. I was justifying my actions…but in the long run….I can work on one thing at a time…and I al trying to conquer my deal with sugar. How long it will last..I don’t know. But I am hoping I can get a handle on it..prayers needed. I have been feeling good…but I am kind of a all or none person. So once I get to where I want to be..to dive back into a little bit here and there is a bit scary…I need to learn more balance.  You know what really ticks me off? ROB!

He goes on this no carb diet with me..quits 5 days in because he gets sick..loses 13 pounds in a weak..and doesn’t put it back on..not to mention he eats ice cream every night..and still continues to lose weight..why? cause he is cutting down on portions. UGH! Once he got 5 days in and his appetite got better with portions..he hasn’t had an issue..now i can tell you..if I were to go back to eating carbs..it would take 2 seconds to be back where I was….So I won’t even try.

well I need to get back to quilting….Onlt 90 minutes until midnight..which is when I make myself go to bed….then I browse on my new ipad for awhile..Can I just say how much I love my ipad? It’s amazing…..I don’t know where she has been my whole life. It’s so relaxing just to browse and read her all snuggled and cozy in bed. I thought I was totally one of those people who wouldn’t read on her..but turns out I am.










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