Double Delight QAL

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Hi Everyone,

Well I have decided to make the “Double Delight” and I have some accountability partners. YAY!

Here is the intro to the  pattern: Double Delight This step gives you the fabric requirements. If you want to keep it a secret and not look ( because it was originally a mystery quilt it is written that way)  you are free to do that…..I have quilted a few of them and I have seen it.

I can tell you that the first two steps are going to be the bulk of the work and time. So I am thinking the first two steps we will take two weeks to accomplish each step….then after that the other steps are really easy. We can easily accomplish in a week…and it will go fast.

If you all want to join me and a few of my friends please comment and email me a picture of your fabrics..I would love to share them.

Here are my fabric choices….I pulled completely from my stash…and changed some colors: IMG_5602 IMG_5601

This is a picture of what my friend, Sally is using ( I can’t wait to see hers):

Deb has chosen some lovely lavenders and purples…so that will be really pretty. I can’t wait to see what Sheila has chosen…You all have time to start because we will start on Monday. So anyone else..let me know.

I will gladly post pictures..and help cheer us all along!

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