DJ Saturday & Felted Women

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Well today was a FABULOUS day! Nothing but sewing….that would be my usual work day except this time it was down at the shop. After I helped Rob clean the room. served my family lunch, quilted a few small things, I went to the shop for my felted women class.  This is as far as I got…But we learned the “Fly” stitch and the “French Knot”…..I can see myself getting totally addicted to wool applique….It is so forgiving and easy…next on the list a felting machine….and lots of variegated thread for needle work…YAY!
This is all I have done right now… But I will work on a  few more of these..then I have to start my bird and tree branch…we are supposed to leave some of the layers unstitched…so we can add different stitches that we learn later..but it is really our own design so I am copying some of her flowers..and also changing some so it can be mine.

Then right after “Felted Women” We had a DJ sew-in. It’s just a night for us all to get together and enjoy sewing help eachother accomplish our goal and teach eachother the way to complete blocks we need help on..I only completed two blocks. But in my defense I was helping others..and getting everything organized…it seemed like I was just getting started and they started cleaning up..I could have stayed until midnight..LOL That way I could have my blocks done…but I think we were all over stimulated…we had learned lots of new things. we had been working for 8 hours..LOL. So I guess it was ok to let them go home.

So here are my two blocks…then a picture of all my blocks far.

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