Dizzy For Circles

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OK well I did finish one quilt today…working on another. But I also managed to get lots of kitchen duties accomplished. Meal planning, I made a meat sauce for us to use in several casseroles this week and also got some lunch planning and appetizers made for dinner. Just an extra treat for my family since I have been gone. I also made a cake.:)IMG_4731

Rob and Preston worked on these today. It was a pinterest find. An herb garden planter made from old wood pallettes. They did a great job. Now I can start planting some herbs. Although I wonder if I can start this early in the year? I can always bring them in if there is a fear of frost….but I think the rule of thumb is to always plant near Mother’s day. Waiting until then may be torture. I can’t wait to have some fresh basil and oregano…and everything else we have going. Clarissa really wants catnip. we may have to plant that in the ground..cause if I know our cat she will be  crazy and find it and get it where ever it is..so it cant be near anything else I want to preserve.

But I put this together as well..I am calling it a “Bubble Wand”IMG_4726 IMG_4727 IMG_4730 IMG_4729 IMG_4728

I had several leftover circles from an IRR project that I worked on…and I decided to make a little wall hanging. It’s fun, bright and cheerful. I want to add a border to it..but can’t decide? Any input?IMG_4734 IMG_4733 IMG_4732


I also have this vintage linen tablecloth…I got it at a church yard sale..so retro..but completely modern. LOVE! I have to add some sort of border just to stabilize it. I am also going to iron on an interfacing to stabilize it as well.   Anyone have any ideas on what I should add to this? I am stumped? But I really want to quilt it. It’s going to be fab..if I can just come up with a plan.

I also went to the shop today to drop off work. They got in a new line of fabric that I am in LOVE with….I swear I have no self control. It’s called Le jardin. Guess which color way I love?

My LQS is making kits…so I am getting one. I Couldn’t help it. 

I hope you have a great Saturday!




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