December 2019

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December is halfway over. Soon we will be in the year 2020. I can hardly believe it.

I remember being pregnant in the year 2000 and listening to all of the conspiracy theorists about how it was going to a complete shut down with all of the technology ect. LOL simply because of a date. I remember sewing a baby quilt on that New Years eve for my Aunt who was also pregnant  (this aunt also happens to be younger than me). I had just learned how to quilt and I was unsure if this quilt would withstand the test of time. LOL. But I had no idea that there was such thing as a long arm or anything like that. I know. That was before YouTube and all of this other tech stuff. I did everything on my vintage riccar. All metal in a desk that had to be oiled all of the time.

I was buying quilting magazines because I felt like I got so much bang for my buck and I was on a budget. I could spend 5$ on a magazine and get several patterns. I have been collecting magazines for 20 years.

It seems so surreal that I am now a regular contributor. I was just accepted into a publication that I have never been in. It won’t release until Fall of next year….so I am already working so far into 2020….and making plans to publish my own patterns in 2021. Yes, That seems crazy to me. But that seems to be a normal thing in the publishing world. I am learning all of this.

I have a few more magazines that I would like to contribute to…but I have to woo them with my skills and figure out how to get in. :) LOL!

But I am super excited about some publications coming out this summer. I CANNOT wait to share that news with you.

I also remember being in the third grade and my teacher asking us to write an essay about where we think we would be in the year 2020. We were supposed to put it in a capsule and save it for this New Years. I had crappy parents that didn’t save anything….LOL. So I don’t actually know what that essay said other than I remember saying that I would be married and I would have children. I probably said 2 kids. haha! But I do remember her telling us that we would be in our 40’s and I thought “What?!! That’s so old….I will never be 40 years old!” LOL. I hate the 8 year old me. 40 seems so young now. I don’t know? It’s kind of like when my teenage daughter says “Was that something you did WAY back in the 80’s?” LOL. UMMM it wasn’t that long ago sister! But it was. *cry*

Now the 20’s will mean the two thousand twenties…not the “roaring twenties” …we won’t be thinking or flappers and fringe dresses…what? Maybe we just need to re-create that so we can still call them the roaring twenties?

Well I better get back to work and finish up some of my to-do list for 2019. I hope you all have a wonderful season. It’s the last one for this decade. Make the most of it.




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  1. Susan December 18, 2019 at 7:18 pm - Reply

    Ha, ha, I remember being in elementary school in the *fifties* and figuring out that in 2000, I would be 53. I never imagined living until 2020, but here I am, quite healthy, quite ornery, and a quilter for more than 50 years! One thing I can tell you. They may be called the Roaring Twenties again, and for entirely different reasons! =)

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