Decadent Indulgence

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I know…..Right?IMG_3758

I bought these cute new shoes. Danskos. I had a gift card…..wanted to try some new shoes cause I work on concrete floors all day and these are the best right? I wanted some super cute one…armed with my I-Pad and my Amazon gift card it took me lots of late night shopping to move through the millions of different Danskos to find the pair I wanted. I have never in my life spent that much on a pair of shoes. Honestly it about killed me…even with my gift card…Do you know how much fabric I could buy for that? Maybe one of these  ..oh wait I already bought one of these..SO cool! But I would really like to have one of these or this…..cause I already have every line of her fabrics..and these are just WAY to cool! But also budget blowers. Darn!

I digress.

My feet are in serious need of therapy. So I thought I should try out these shoes. The first day I put them on I thought…YIKES! My feet hurt. I wore them a little while and put my tennies back on. I read that you should ease into them. SO then I put them on yesterday I forgot I had them on after the initial shock. I am in love with them now. I didn’t wake up with any pain or hobbling around because my feet and legs were killing me..which is what I usually do. Aren’t they Super cute to boot? IMG_3755


Another indulgence recently…Dove Chocolates. I usually keep hidden small treats in various places in my studio like a hoarder…why? Cause I can make a whole bag of candy last a month.  If my family knows about it..forget about it they chomp it down in 5 seconds..and leave the wrappers behind.IMG_3772


So if I hide it I can take a piece or two out a day and just enjoy it. This is sort of sacrilegious…but I am no longer fond of Reece’s Peanut butter cups. The Dove peanut butter candies are so much better ….and not only that they have fabulous little inspirational sayings in each one. I thought …”Oh how cute.” I will keep this and think about it for today. Then I started saving them. Well last weekend my boys came into the studio and saw them and told me to “Clean up my garbage”…UGH! I was flustered cause they come in like a tornado and tease and harass me…like all boys do. I said “hey I am saving those….they are so cute and special” Then….IMG_3771

Cole said “Mom…why do you save that stuff….you are silly”….I said in a weak moment “Hey….I save it cause old ladies like  this stuff…..Now get outta here you are buggin me….” LOL Imagine that in my best flustered way…with a huge smile on my face..Can you imagine what kind of response that got?

3 teenage boys??…They bowled over in laughter and starting hooting and hollering….and saying “You just called yourself an old lady.. *sigh*~ * eyeroll*…My response? ~ ” You guys make me older by the minute…Now get outta here and get your chores done so I can work!”IMG_3770

Unfortunately, none of these inspirational sayings have nothing about the “Peanut Gallery” and how to manage I will just have to manage with eating a few more peanut butter chocolates..hopefully that will suffice. At least if my behind gets any bigger I have really cute shoes to tow the line! LOL

I hope you all have a great day! Invest in some indulgence….it’s totally worth it!


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  1. Jane December 15, 2012 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    I LOVE those shoes. It is like having quilting on your feet! I would be chomping at the bit to turn the design on those shoes into a quilt motif! Hmmm, been needing some new shoes.

  2. blue iridium August 1, 2016 at 9:41 pm - Reply

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