Dear Jane Class Promo Day

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Hi friends,
Well today was a GREAT day!
The LQS had their open house. Which meant that all of the instructors for all the different classes were there, to promote their classes and register people. If they signed up and paid for the class they got a special prize for joining..whether it was a free book for the class or notions or some things that you needed to get started. Which was a crazy good deal. So I signed up for a few classes myself but I was there to promote my DJ class. I have to say I thought I was going to have a class with just myself and two other people…but in the end the class had about 10 people signed up..mind you some of the oterh classes had 25…LOL. But the DJ quilt is a HUGE commitment and I think so many people were scared of my 225 blocks. I had my samples there to show the size of the gal came up and said “Oh it’s so cute how you made miniatures of the blocks in your quilt”…LOL I corrected her to inform her that those were the actual size..hehe. Needless to say she didn’t sign up..but that’s ok. I am just hoping at least half of them stick it through to the end. Next week will be our kick off party.
I came home exhausted actually. Oh But I have to say that I signed up for a class that Virginia, My friend is teaching. She made the pattern and everything it’s all wool and embroidery. I took a picture on my phone but it’s not very good…so I am going to see if she will send me one to share. It’s Sue Spargo inspired and completely ADORABLE! I loved it..she brought it to my house to quilt last month and I decided I needed to take her class. It’s small and we work on it for 6 months I think I can do it. Especially in the summer…because I spend lots of time in the car, at the lake..ect.
I also signed up for a wool applique class…I kind of thought I could be a back up teacher for the class in case the regular instructor can’t make it. So I should keep up on the pattern just in case. The regular instructor has some upcoming health issues and I want to help her in any way I can. But I also LOVED the quilt. I originally thought I would just buy the pattern..and make it when I had time in 50 years…but now I have a valid excuse and it’s only one block a month…I looked today and I can easily finish it in a couple hours…so a movie with my family and it will be done.
It’s so funny because I am just hoping this class goes well that I am teaching..because after Dj I would love to do a farmers wife sampler? We will see hwo it all goes.
I went over my cals again today because my day was completely off..but this evening when I really was starving I could have raided the cupboards for all the bad stuff…cause I was right at my max cal limit…and I instead opted for a salad with a small piece of grilled chicken. Which was quite a bit of work….but I thought that would be better than eating chips or something. I have noticed if my family is home it is harder to stay on task with my eating. So next weekend new plan will be in order.
No pictures to share today….but tomorrow because I finished another cross quilt tonight….yippee!

Have a blessed Sunday.

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