Day Dream and Stand Out!

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So I am finally sharing a few of my FAVES!!

Many of you have been following me for quite some time and I have spoken of my “day-dreaming” issues for —-forever!

I was made fun of as a kid because my head was always in the clouds. It was a coping mechanism and I still use it. Ralphy from “A Christmas Story” and Anne ( with an E) from Green Gables were perfect characters to describe me and how my mind works.

So when I designed this quilt…..I immediately thought of “Day Dream”

The floating stars, the dreamy colors …..just everything I love! This is one of my all time favorites.  It is kind of hard choosing favorites sometimes because when you design there is a piece of myself in every design. There is so much to say about all of that. Even if I design something that I end up not being as crazy about it…I at least learned something along the way. So I am figuring it all out.

I also designed Stand Out!

Stand out fits right along with my line of modern rainbow themed quilts. I didn’t originally set out to design a set of rainbow themed quilts…but they just kind of happened and I am going with it. I have been inspired by the color wheel and all of the range of colors. I finish it interesting that I rarely used solid fabrics before I became a designer… they are kind of taking over a little. I am more focused on design rather than fabric. Before all of my quilts were centered around fabrics. I will come back around….I am sure of it. I can have a great balance. LOL but I am stretching my wings and learning lots about all of the ins and outs of the pattern business.

I have also been picked up in a few more magazine publications in the last few weeks. YAY! I have also submitted to a few more publications to see what happens.

I have been pleasantly surprised a few times this year. I am not so savvy to know what all the latest and greatest people are doing. I am terrible about names and knowing who is who….in any industry. Even my own. I am too busy working. LOL. So many times if someone talks about a new band, or musician….I don’t know who they are. I don’t know who any of the television or movie stars are….unless they have been around for 20 years. haha! Even in the quilting industry…I know the HUGE names. But I don’t know a lot of people. I keep thinking I should fix that….so I am trying. But I do remember quilts. I just may not know who it belongs to.  So I have come across a few things to apply for and I know that most likely I will be turned away. My philosophy is to try. What does it hurt to try? So I applied to teach at Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA in Feb-March. I honestly didn’t think I would get in because I am new to designing and I didn’t have a whole bunch of credentials under my belt. But I was accepted. I have a booth and I am teaching 2 classes. I am over the moon to be accepted at such a HUGE show!

So if any of you are in the area and you would like to take an embroidery class….please sign up!

Here is a link to the site.  

It looks like they haven’t updated for 2020 yet. So I will share the info again when they have everything updated. I guess I jumped in to soon, You can tell I am excited?

I am so excited for all of the opportunities that I am being given. I know they come from God. He is working miracles for me everyday. I have a few more opportunities coming my way that I can’t exactly share yet…..I think it’s all because I honestly just apply and try. I put myself out there because the worst thing someone can tell me is “no.” How many times have I been told no in my life. More than I can count. So if I am told no…..I just figure out what I can do better and try again. My friend, Virginia told me years ago that the only difference between me and one of the designers is that they tried. So now I am trying. I will see where it all leads.

So in the meantime….just a note to let everyone know that I am still longarm quilting. So is my husband. There have been some local rumors that I am no longer quilting…which really hurts me. In several ways. I am still quilting…it’s a part of my soul. But it also pays my bills. Longarming is my livelihood. :) We still have some spots open for Christmas quilts if any of you have some last minute gifts you’d like to get done. Just contact me. :)

We are running on time. :)




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