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Well yesterday was a busy day….but I didn’t feel like I accomplished lots..LOL. I say that alot don’t I? Clarissa was WAY excited when she got home from school because she had ballet pictures. She has been looking at her costume for quite some time..we got it weeks ago..the performance isn’t until June 2nd ( I can’t make my run because it’s on the same day) …but they had pictures yesterday so she immediatly came home showered…and we got her all dressed up ..princess style for pictures. It was so cute to see her with all of her ballet friends and …then the older girls came in with their costumes ..which were really fancy..and Clarissa was mesmorized..& she said to one of the older girls “Awe…your Costume is sooooo Pretty”. It’s moments like that I get a flash..in my mind…that I take so many things for granted…I am so very thankful that I am raising my kids healthy ..and happy and that they get to experience these things. I really do have good kids…I get upset that they don’t appreciate things as much as I do…but I think it would be hard for them to appreciate these types of things because they don’t come from the same place..so I need to ease up on them sometimes. I also need to ease up on myself. I need to just decide that I have done a good job and be satisfied. Faults and all. Despite my shortfalls..my kids really have a good life. More good than bad. That was/is my dream.

I think, I have been thinking about this kind of thing alot lately. Always on the path to truth right?   I am always seeking growth. Lately I have been watching Oprah’s Master class series and also her new talk show. She has been on a spiritual journey to many places. She has been visiting inspirational leaders all Tony robbins, T.D. Jenks, Joel Olstein ect. I record them..sometimes watch them over and over…Mostly because I have interuptions..I can’t ever seem to watch a program all the way through..that’s just the nature of my house. LOL But I find as she is going along on her journey ..she is taking me with her. I identify with her alot….and I have decided that I would love to go to a seminar with Tony robbins..after seeing her experience..and then his after interview. Pretty amazing guy! God is working through him! He has an event in July…in San Jose. I am considering it. It seems crazy….but How awesome would it be to be inspired like that? Still thinking. Has anyone been before?

Bryce has been getting bad grades {again} ..Landon called to discuss grades and pitfalls to having bad grades..such as no hoopfest this summer..and no drivers ed. I agreed. Suddenly Bryce has a new spark to get his tail in gear…pretty amazing huh?

Jeri is also falling behind a bit again….and we had another talk last night. I kind of feel like it’s pointless sometimes. Not to mention she is going to be a senior..when so we just let them fall and face their consequences? instead of nagging them toget their work done? They just don’t realize how important all of this stuff is..Argh! …so I have a hard time letting them fall.

well that was about it for a typical Tuesday..LOL. It’s now Wednesday & I need to get some work done…I hope you all have a wonderful day!






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