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Hi friends,
well Beth came over first thing this morning because she was to excited to get her quilts. YAY! She had so much work! LOL I love that! That sense of accomplishment and finishing UFO’s. So she and I chatted for quite some time. She is going to make a heart&home sampler after seeing mine..hehe.

I let her borrow my pattern..that way she wouldn’t steal my quilt. I ordered her a KT jelly roll so she wouldn’t have to search for all the same colors.

Then I made several phone calls..talked with my friends..lollygagged around…I don’t know where the time goes. I felt like I was working pretty steadily apparently not. I heard someone come in the door and I thought “who could that be?”
It was Clarissa…then the thought came “Is school out early today”…I looked at the clock..No it was three o’clock. I couldn’t believe it. I had hardly gotten anything done…so I made the call stating I wouldn’t be at bible study because I can’t start off the new year being behind. Honestly I had been behind since July and 5 months of that has me a bit shell shocked. LOL

So I finally finished a shop quilt tonight..pinned on a CUTE quilt for Vicki…she lives in Hope, ID. I just love all of her projects. I love the name of her town as well. After all it is my middle name. :)

So one of my Christmas presents from Rob was the complete series of Designing Women. I just love that show..right along with the Golden Girls. Well the gift came late because it came from China. Rob opened the box and it was a bootlegged copy of it all recorded very sloppily like from VHS 100 times over..I don’t know? I couldn’t believe it. He was totally ripped off. He didn’t buy from a reputable company. Why would he do that? ( insert eye roll here) Apparently they say they will refund our money minus the shipping. I hope that is the case.

So I have been thinking today about lots of things. My friends that are hurting and in pain…whether it is illness, losing a loved one, leaving a relationship…I have been thinking about my inner struggle with the lessons at church recently. I decided to give Monday night Bible study a rest until I work out my lesson issues with God. The changes. Who likes changes..didn’t we just go through this? Change is always so difficult no matter what area of our life it happens ..age creeps up on us which always causes changes in one way or another… we change our circumstances..we learn and grow as people which causes change. But what does that lead to experiences…which then helps our creativity..right? I don’t want to be so creative right now. I just want to rest. LOL I found this quote today which is so TRUE for me right now

The things we fear most in organizations fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances are the primary sources of creativity.
Margaret J.Wheatley

Any change makes us become creative ..right. Creative in the way we handle each situation ..because we have to think about it, process it and execute it. Unlike when we get into a routine and we no longer have to think about things..we just do it because it’s a habit that we no longer have to think about. When a disturbance happens..well then it presents itself to make us think. Get Creative. I never knew how much creativity was such a BIG part of my life. Someone posted a comment on my blog a few days ago saying she had named me …Creative Charisma…..Isn’t that sweet?

Yesterday for fun the kids were reading our chinese animals thingies. You put in your birthday and it tells you what your sign is. I don’t believe in this stuff..but it was bonding time right? I was actually upset at first because it said I was a snake. Well in our culture a snake is bad right? I mean they are crafty and let’s face it represents the devil. The snake is who deceived Eve and I don’t want to be associated with a snake. But in chinese culture they are not viewed that way…so I had to get creative about my thinking on that…Jeri got a pig….and Preston was the year of the dragon..that’s not even a real thing. So you know? If I were in India and someone called me a cow…that would be associated with being I shouldn’t take offense, right? In the USA if women are called Cows..w.ell that’s clearly not a good thing.
All of this to say that I am trying to be creative in how I see adapt to a someone else’s views and culture. I don’t have to agree…I don’t have to conform. I just have to understand where they are coming from and accept it. My children are exposed to many different things everyday ..thanks to the internet and ipods…I don’t want them reading horoscopes, or chinese astrology or anything like it. But if they understand that it is not real….if they understand where everything ultimately comes from…and if they are healthy( in all aspects) than I have done my job. Where do I draw the line? When do I let them start making choices? When am I going to feel safe to expose them to controversial subjects and let them think freely? I am struggling. I know everything will be revealed in time…these are growing pains..but real pains none the less. God has always been faithful to me….clearly he will be faithful to my children….he loves them far more than I do.

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  1. Karin January 10, 2012 at 12:30 am - Reply

    I like that, Creative Charisma! I’ve always subscribed to the theory that I must learn to accept the things I cannot change, and if I am to accept them, sometimes I must simply change my attitude about them, else I’d be miserable. And I don’t like being miserable. So, yup, take what doesn’t appear pleasant on the outside, and find the good in it – even if it’s only to make you more aware of how good the rest of your life is. And when all else fails, let go & turn it over to God – you’re right, He will prevail & take care of everything in His own time, His own way. Bless you & yours!

    • Charisma Horton January 10, 2012 at 1:24 pm - Reply

      Thanks Karin! You are so right! attitude in check! LOLI hate being miserbale so it can’t last long that’s for sure! Many Blessinsg to you too!

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