Crickets and Larvae…YUMMY!

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Hi friends,
Well I kind of had a rough day..I was sluggish. I am not really sure why but I was in slow motion….I did eat well today though. YAY! I counted everything…and ate healthy stuff.

Do you know what my go to meal is around here? When I make lunch at home I make tuna or turkey sandwich with a side of potato chips. Not having chips today kind of had my in turmoil. I like the salty crunchy chip experience. I need to wean off of them….or find a better solution. I went to the store today to find some special K crackers..cause they are wicked low in cals..and they had special K chips…27 of them for 110 cals. So I grabbed two flavors of those. I know that’s not exactly healthy…but it will satisfy me enough not to grab the ruffles..if you know what I mean.
So no chips today…yay me! I just know it wouldn’t last long if I didn’t do something.

On top of that 2 nights a week they offer a zumba class. I am going to sign up for that. I think that will help give me the boost I need to start working out regularly. Rob told me I should just start running my 6 miles again..LOL. I wanted to die of laughter at that. Well it’s been years since I ran….I can’t just go jog 6 miles…he would have to pick me up at .25 miles down the road. I have to work up to that again…and I am not sure that I will be able to run for months ….I will be fine walking for awhile.

So I have been kind of searching for some podcast sermons to listen to on my ipod. I watch Joyce Meyer pretty regularly on TV ..I record them because they are not on regular hours. But Tisha shared a link to the podcast at her church..and I really like the sermons so far.

I also like Living On The Edge with Chip Ingram and Louie Giglio. Just in case any of you would like to hear any of them.

Well Rob is just running into one issue after another with the sink. We had to turn off the house water. UGH! Everything was 30 years old and old rusty… we are getting brand new everything. Because when he goes to take it off it just crumbles and falls apart…yikes! So a few stops at the store …and more money down the drain.

Oh I have to share something else today. So the LQS is 1 block from Preston’s school and Cindi the like an Aunt in a way to my kids. She loves kids. When I worked there she always had after school snacks for the kids and what not…They used to have sleep overs at her house. They all love her. So anyway Preston stopped by today and got some …..snacks.

Yes that’s the pictures.

Flavored grasshoppers and larvae. Freeze dried bugs..then sprinkled with flavor. This is NASTY! So Preston and Carl didn’t hesitate to try them?? They are the smart ones? My stomach just curled thinking about it. Then they tricked the girls into trying them. I thought that was cruel. So no more tricking. I can’t believe people eat this stuff…but I as Cindi and I discussed I don’t go to Montana for the testicle festival either…I don’t care who tells me how good a bull’s testicle is …or how it’s prepared..I am not eating it. I studied Women in college…feminism and I still want nothing to do with eating a testicle..that is just so wrong to me. So that ranks right up there with bugs. YUCK!

So apparently if my boys are lost in woods or struggling they won’t hesitate to find bugs to eat.

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  1. lindy January 18, 2012 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    dried bugs for a snack? dont think ill be buying them any time soon but sounds like your kids are brave to eat them.

  2. Michael Holmes January 18, 2012 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    Okay you might try Kale Chips….they aren’t like potato chips, but do give you a nice crunch. Try them out you might like em…and they’re good for you. :)

    Check out that link. :)

    • Charisma Horton January 18, 2012 at 5:46 pm - Reply

      Ok I will try this…I hope they are good..they don’t look good..but hey ..we only live once right? Did you make them?

  3. Jane January 19, 2012 at 7:11 am - Reply

    Pretzels! Low cal, no fat, crunchy salty snack. You can have 8 of the small size twists for only 55 calories or 3 rods for 120. I remember when I was on WW Pretzel rods were a staple in my house because I think one rod was only 1 point. I also munched carrots and celery which luckily I like plain or just a bit of salt on them and they have a very satisfying crunch.

    I will definitely give a pass on the freeze dried crickets and larva!

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