Crazy Boy Weekends

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Friday night we had Preston’s 13th birthday party. We usually do something really big for 13th birthday parties. Jeri and Carl had Limo parties. Bryce didn’t get one because he got in trouble. Cole took a few of his friends to a hotel for a weekend and watched an NFL game in Seattle. None of my boys like the Seahawks ( they call them the Sea-chickens) so they chose a game that had a team they liked playing…escapes me now. See how well I keep up on that stuff?

Preston simply wanted a sleep over. Why? Because we used to have sleepovers all of the time..and as I get older I lose patience and value my sleep. So he had invited 10 kids here for a sleep over…10 seems like a lot but we have actually had 22 boys over for a sleep over before. Back when we had carpet and floor space for kids to sleep…not so much anymore.

They played basketball, video games, watched movies….drank 48 pops, several bags of chips, 10 pizzas, and doughnuts, 2 gallons of orange juice, milk and whatever else they could find. I didn’t get one picture. I feel bad about that…Whenever I tried it just wasn’t convenient and Preston was hiding from the camera.  oh Bother!


Friday night was also the last night for Family Fun night at church…so I made dinner for the church and ordered pizza for the boys. The had a great time…the last time I checked they were up at 3 am.  I couldn’t do anything…..I woke up at 7 something and the house was finally quiet ..but not for long. So our house was so quiet and grumpy yesterday. WOW!

None of us got any sleep and running on empty….But that’s ok .

I quilted all day on my small frame…I will share the pics in the next post.

I also made a great dinner for my family…it was nice to come back together after all the chaos of Friday. Today we have small group dinner and we are going to a fellow group member’s house for dinner….so that will be fun. I have to come home and make some side dishes and a dessert.

I am looking forward to that. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


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