Clarissa’s New Bike

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The last time Clarissa got a bike it was for her 5th birthday.She is turning 9 in a few weeks. She has grown many inches since she was 5..LOL. so she could barely ride her bike..and she was embarrassed to ride it because her knees were practically hitting her chin when she did. So she has been asking if for her birthday we could get her a new bike I said sure.

But we bought it early because she can’t ride her bike to school or be a part of the Bike rodeo they have at school with her current bike. So we just gave her, her present early..she was a happy camper this last weekend. New helmet {check} New bike lock {check} Life is good!

  What I love about her bike..other than it’s pink? Is that it says “ride like a girl!” YAY GIRL Power!

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