Clarissa’s Cake

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Well I have to say I really wanted to be home for Clarissa’s birthday …not just because it’s her birthday..and I am her mom…..As mom’s we just don’t want to miss these days.

But honestly because Clarissa is so unselfish..and she always thinks of everyone around her. If it is someone’s birthday in this house..she always makes them a card..she always wishes them the first “Happy Birthday”..and she always loves to bake their special birthday cake. She takes charge and does it herself …I love that about her. That’s her love language…I kind of idetify with it. So I wanted to make sure on her special day that she had all those same things. I had instructed Rob on what to do..if I wasn’t here..but I have to say I worried a bit about it not happenening…not because I don’t think he will..or that he won’t try. Just because I want her to feel loved and that someone understands her.

So Thankfully I was here. I just used what I had in the cupboards. Cake mix..I added orange oil and coconut to the mix…then made cream cheese frosting with orange oil..and added the orange slices on top for her.   She was so thankful. Honestly she kind of made my heart melt.

She said “Mom did you make this just for me? From scratch?” I said “yes” She beamed really wide. Then I heard her telling her brothers. “Mom made thsi for me ..she didn’t just got get a cake from Wal-mart” Awe! That made me smile.

Then when we finally cut into it after dinner…she said “Mom…you should really think about working at wal-mart. They could use you in the bakery…this is yummy.” LOL


Well I don’t think I will putting my application in any time soon. I can tell you that…and I am concerned that our only reference to anything is always wal-mart? See why we need more than one store in town?

The second issue was trying to get a decent picture of her with the cake without all of her goofy faces that she makes when she is trying to make me laugh….LOL Oh well. My little Girl is 9! apparently she has a mind of her own. But she is still soft hearted and beautiful. Completely selfless…she forgives..loves and has really good intuition. My favorite moment yesterday is when I was describing something and she was getting kind of flabergasted that the person I was talking about didn’t understand what she was saying? The description was heaven. But the person describing it was not saved..and yet it seemed so obvious to Clarissa.  I think her intuition comes from God. Great things will come through her. She will be a great vessel. I can’t wait to see how life transforms through her. That is my most precious gift.


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  1. Judy May 25, 2012 at 3:04 pm - Reply

    She sure is pretty (takes after her mom).Isn’t it great
    that they appreciate something homemade.You’re such a great mom. Huggs Judy

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