Civil War Cannons

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Laurie sent me this quilt. I think some of the blocks were part of an exchange. Her DH is a civil war buff…and she wanted to make him a quilt. Apparently he likes cannons?

She wanted cannons quilted somewhere in the center blocks with gray thread. Then we decided on Baptist fans in the rest with cream thread. Baptist fans woudl be a civil war era design….I had to look up images of civil war era cannons…as I was not really sure what I had gotten myself into….hehe. :)

I decided to do a frontal view and a side view. So I quilted 2 of each..then framed them with ornate looking frames to go with the theme..then quilted a feather inbetween them to fill space. I sure hope this meets the expectation…I really surprised myself on this one..I always like a challenge…Thanks Laurie it’s always a pleasure working with you! Merry Christmas! 



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  1. Annette December 12, 2012 at 12:10 pm - Reply

    Charisma, i never stop being in awe of your work….your are so talented…..beautiful work!!! thank you for sharing!!!

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