Church Shopping …part 2

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HI friends,
Well today I couldn’t make myself get out of bed and get ready at 7am this morning and maybe the Guenther’s didn’t want to either because when I texted them to ask if we could switch to the other church they seemed fine with that decision.
So we tried the little Nazarene church 2 blocks from our house. Which was really nice because we could walk to church. Mind you rob still complained about walking. I am pretty sure he would have driven if I didn’t insist walking. There wasn’t many kids.. as soon as we walked in and sat down everyone came to greet us. We were quite the spectacle walking into a church all 13 of us at the same time.
It is really small t building itself is small and the congregation is small. This happened to be the induction service of the New Pastor and his wife. So I thought maybe I was supposed to be there this Sunday. ?? Maybe. They are originally from New Jersey but he went to seminary school in Colorado. This is the first church that he is leading. Kind of exciting. Because of the induction ceremony there was also a potluck. We went on the right Sunday ..huh? They fed all of us, loved all of us and treated us all very well. It really was like a big family.
My kids said they wanted to go again. I thought maybe they wouldn’t because the other church has so many youth and activities. But this new pastor really wants to get things started and I think our group of kids could help him with that. Peyton whispered to us: I think we could make the whole youth group..LOL Yes, I believe he is right. IN fact we made most of the youth group at our last church.
I have no idea we will take a consensus later today but I think we will have to go at least one more time anyway to hear the pastor preach because he didn’t actually get to do that today his district supervisor did that.
Music was good. They don’t have a band which is fine. It was contemporary music. The atmosphere was good. There were a few quirky things that I heard from my Dear Friend Donna were not part of the normal maybe next week will be a normal service and we can see after that. But it’s also a plus that it starts a bit later so we can get up a bit later.
The Pastor also invited Rob to a men’s retreat. Interesting I kind of hope Rob can go.
Even though it was an induction service there was a sermon to talk about leading and following. It really could apply to marriage, parenting, and many other aspects of our lives. There is an Author he quoted I can’t remember the name. But he talked about the 4┬áL’s of leading.
Leading, listening, learning and loving. Most leaders think of it in that order..but we all really need to think of it in the opposite order. Of loving, learning, listening and then we can lead. I love that! How true is that? Everything seems to fall in place when we go at it with Love. IF we keep our eyes on God he takes us the WHOLE way.
Well I will keep you informed of our situation and what happens during the Church Shopping.

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  1. Judy January 23, 2012 at 4:44 am - Reply

    I go a Nazarene church here.They are like family I have to agree. I love it. Way to go sticking with that diet.It sure is hard sometimes though.I am afraid I have been a little lax at getting my phone calls to you…it was a verybusy weekend.We had our family Christmas. Loads of fun though. Huggs Judy

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