***Christmas Quilt Special***

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OK so you all know that we got “Anne” With an E…..Our new Gammill. I named her Anne after Anne of green Gables because she is red..she was used ..so she was kind of like an orphan…and you all know how I ADORE AOGG!

Anyway..for the month of November Rob is going to be home more..since harvest should be over and he will be able to help with the Christmas load of quilts.

We don’t typically do “Special Pricing” because there is one of me…and I want to be able to meet deadlines…but this year Rob and Anne will be a team and help me out!

So if you have a few quilts you would like finished up we are going to offer a Penny a square inch for simple computer quilting ( the more elaborate designs might be a bit more)…we ran this special when we got the machine for Practice quilts and I think everyone was pretty happy with the results..even with our flubs and learning curves.

The only catch is that I will not be booking the jobs….they just need to be shipped the month of November…first come first served….and if I feel like we have too many to meet the Christmas deadline-> I will let you know.  So it’s best to get them here as soon as you can to get in the que.

I am giving you plenty of notice for you to finish up some of those UFO’s and maybe send along some of those quilt tops you have been waiting to get quilted. It’s a great price…and it keeps our Anne working.   Not to mention helps you with your Christmas load and helps us with ours. :)

I want to think you all for your continues support….:)





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