Christmas in the Log Cabin

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Well this is another     quilt from Laura. Her other most recent one was “Cartwheels”… know the “one”. LOL The LOVELY.

anyway..I am always pleased to work with Laura…and on this one she said I could  quilt how I wanted…I didn’t threaten to send it back …wasn’t that nice of me? LOL

I love all of her fabric choices..simply because she always chooses fabrics that I actually buy. This is moda fabric…and I have a love/love relationship with moda fabrics. I love it so much I hoard it! I can also recognize most designers right off the bat! I have a sickness..I know.  I need fabric-therapy.

anyway…I decided just to highlight each ring of color with the same green got a holly design, blue~ feathers, red~ swirlies and I put a ribbon in the borders. Very festive…love it!


Thanks for looking!

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  1. Karin February 17, 2012 at 9:45 pm - Reply

    It’s just amazing how your quilting accentuates all the lovely piecing and just brings it to life! I swear those lady bugs in the previous post are ready to fly away, and now these “rings” – I wouldn’t even see them, if it wasn’t for your stitching!!

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