Christmas Cards and Gifts.

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Well I have admittedly been a slacker when it comes to sending out cards and letters the last couple of years. I used to be so good at sending Christmas cards out with updates on our family. I actually sent cards our for lots of occasions. I have vowed to do that this year…..I sure hope that doesn’t mean January?IMG_3749

But I got this in the mail yesterday from one of my customers … Lavonne. How cute is this? Super cute!

What a nice surprise! I am always surprised by peoples generosity! So sweet!

I Also got a Christmas Card from Carol..who I quilt for. She has made the most beautiful Crazy quilt I had ever seen…and she even sent Clarissa and I a book to getone started. Which inspired me to look even further. I bought some pretty beautiful crazy quilt blocks from etsy..that have been started..and I just need to add some more stitching…and I too will have an exceptionally beautiful crazy quilt…which doesn’t seem to overwhelming because it’s already started.

So this has made me want to spring up and look for my 100’s of Christmas cards ( handmade and otherwise) and start the process of writing them all out.  So thank you ladies for helping me out! I appreciate your kindness!

I hope you all have a blessed Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas.


* New post…I am not sure why some of my posts are blank. ERRRR!*

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