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Hi Friends!

For those of you that are new and just found me ( again) I just want to say you have been a blessing this week! ( Thanks to Faith for helping guide you here!) I have had quite the influx of subscribers!

As you can see with the little hearts on the top of my side bar….I am on Fb and Pinterest as well.  ( I love friends!)

If you need help subscribing..just let me know I can input your address manually if you can’t figure it out. I don’t mind.

I have had this blog since QB made a change a few years back. I had a PDA on QB and they told us all that had them ( and invested hours upon hours into them) that they were going to delete them and we had 30 days to get rid of them….(and then they didn’t) so I rapidly created my own space…and I have stayed. I miss the on-going conversations we all had on there. I would like to create that environment here…anytime.  Or we always have FB. My husband and I often get on FB and tease each-other ( battle of the wits) usually at our expense..people laugh. :) The QB helped get me started on my journey and I am forever grateful. However some things have changed and I haven’t adjusted. So I have become more of a lurker rather than a poster. :)

I do share EVERYTHING on my blog. I struggle sometimes whether or not I should just keep this place happy, business and professional…..watered down. But I have decided no. It’s kind of selfish on my part …but I like to be real. I like to know that I can relate to other people and I feel we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be honest and share freely.   Sometimes it helps me to sort everything out by writing it out here and there is always someone ( whether I know it or not…or hear from anyone or not) that  I know is experiencing the same thing I am.

I have a passion for quilting ( as you all know) and life. I try to answer emails regularly and I love hearing from all of you..prayer requests ect. we all need one another. I always feel comfortable sharing idea and helping a fellow quilter with ideas and what please feel free to ask. I believe we should lift each other up and help each other out.

I do try to post on my blog pretty regularly…when I leave it a few days that just means I am busy in the studio ..or the weather is yucky and I can’t get any good photos ( kind of like now).

I do hope you all can stick around for a bit enjoy some photos..some of my life and please share your thoughts as well.

Many blessings!







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