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Hi Friends,

well I am so excited! I have so much to share…..

First Michael Holmes …my IT guy, also the creator of Quilt Connect and my friend…he flew in to visit family…and he is coming to town to visit me ( & a few of my friends) tomorrow. They all got to meet at the quilt Market in Kansas City…while I was with my ill grandmother. Well now I get to finally meet him in person…and they get to see him again…pffft! So tomorrow will be a day of laughs, fabric shopping and fun.


I made a pattern. I was challenged to use these korean silk yo-yo’s from the shop. I am keeping the pattern…I am going to sell it. It’s one of thsoe perfect quilts that I was working during the time of divine inspiration in my life. It’s called “Bloom….where you are planted” it’s a cute little wall hanging. I am going to donate all proceeds to everyday missionary work….my church youth group and Sunday school programs. We have a small church.. currently they have a youth group of all ages of 40+ kids and I suspect it will get larger. I think the people running the group are funding it themselves….I so much believe in youth group and sunday school programs….So I want to help that.

I will explain the whole message behind the pattern and why I decided to do this when I launch the pattern. I made two different samples…one in country type colors & one in bright kaffe’s. They are being photographed and the pattern is being typed up. I can’t wait to share it all with you.


“Hope is a waking dream.”  ―    Aristotle



I decided I have so many ideas swirling that I am going to write a book. I know. I already have ideas…I already have the connections. I just have to do it. I am so secure in what I already do that leaping off and trying something new is difficult. So I approached Cindi and Brianna…..I think we make a great team. I think that we think enough alike to work together…but we all have different styles and bring something different to the table. I think we will feed off of one another and…we can make great things. We have already tossed around ideas. we are trying to come up with our brand and name….I know it will all hit us and we will love it.

I debated whether to say anything or not……because what if nothing ever comes of it? What if’s……I hate what if’s! Here’s the thing…I need to just put it out there and work at it…it will happen. Things will start swirling and it WILL happen. I can’t be afraid to jump. In true Charisma Fashion I want to share the whole process with all of you. I want everyone to have dreams and shoot for those dreams. There is no success if we don’t try.  What if I had never bought my long arm? Now is the time to add to that dream. I believe in it!

From a fellow Christian: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  ―    C.S. Lewis

I hope you all feel a bit more inspired. I know I am! Thank you all for hanging in and keeping me afloat!






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