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Rob is in Texas. Check

House is the best it will get. Check

Walt and Victoria have been briefed of normal family activities. Check.

Bags are packed. Check

Passport and DL packed. Check.

Work and invoicing done. Check

All “I love you’s” said. Check.

Kids lunch money paid.Check.

Ride to Airport. Check

Ride home from Airport. Check.

Heart prepared. Check.


I am to the point that I just want to “get the show on the road” right? I mean I have agonized, prepped, longed and stressed enough. Now it’s time. Time to go …time to do God’s work. Time to meet people, get out of my comfort zone. Show God’s love. I have a feeling the people I will be working with already know God very well. They will be teaching me something. Something about survival. Something about the human condition. Something about family & community…. that I as an American have no idea about. Of course, I won’t know until I get there…I can’t really have any expectations. Even if I try to formulate in my mind what I should expect it never turns out that way does it? I need to just live within the moment.

I am making a pact within my mind.

~Live in the moment

~Be inspired

~Be a light

~Try to capture every moment within your soul

~Take lots of mental pictures

~Do God’s work ( inside and outside of yourself)

~Let it all happen as it is supposed to…don’t resist

~Get wrapped up in matters of the heart ( this is my everyday anyway)

~Jump in with two feet


I will be on facebook updating along with my flight. I  ill also be meeting my team tomorrow at 8pm. I am sure we will quickly become a family. I will know these people, love these people and be connected for a lifetime within a week. AMAZING~ I will give you updates on my FB…..of trip, people and activities. Hopefully I will be able to charge my phone somewhere once I arrive in Haiti…if not you won’t hear from my until the middle of November.

Many Blessings….Much love!



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