Charmed Sampler ~ Week 3~ Movie Monday

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Hi Everybody! It’s week 3 of the Charmed Sampler! It’s such an easy row…you’ll be done in no time and have that sense of accomplishment!

I know that I am a collector of precuts. Sometimes I just want a little bit of each print in a line because I love it so much but I have no ideas to use it. So I buy these and then they sit in my “collection” waiting for the perfect project to come along. In fact the layer cake I used to demo for this video series is maybe 10 years old..or so. Hard to say…either way I am glad to use it. I think it is a super cute line. I just needed to finally use it.

If you’d like to join along in this Row Along you can find the pattern HERE. 

You can join the FB group HERE.  

And this is my YouTube Channel, HERE. 

I am posting a tutorial on my YouTube channel every Monday to help you along with this Row Along. It’s super easy but fun! It would make a great gift for the holiday and you have plenty of time to finish it. :)

We also have a bonus project at the end to use those scraps!

I hope you have a Blessed Day!


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  1. Roger Holloway September 23, 2021 at 11:38 am - Reply

    Thanks Charisma! We’ll be watching!

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