Charisma’s Corner Invaded By RoboQuilter

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I have to share a little story. I know some of you have met my Husband, Rob AKA The Rob or AKA RoboQuilter

Rob is always full of jokes, pranks and he is on the spectrum ->so he does it all with an expressionless face. LOL He is very dry and people laugh at him even when he isn’t trying to be funny. I am always the straight one and the center of many of his jokes and pranks. Good times. But he will make a fool of himself in certain cases to get a laugh.

Well for MANY years when I ask him to help me photograph quilts or lay out quilts he will ALWAYS tease about how he should
“Strike of pose” in front of it or “Lay out on it” …while he actually does strike some funny pose or makes a funny face ect. because he is so sure it will sell or make it worth more….because then people will want it. I of course will always say “Please quilt talking and lets get this job done” while I roll my eyes because nobody cares about him “modeling” in front of a quilt.

So one day I was discussing how I was needing to find a way to sell patterns because it is taking awhile to get those “out there” and Rob said “If you would just let me make a calendar they would sell like hotcakes”

*****insert eye roll here****************************************

I finally gave in and said “Ok make a calendar” … my friend Pam who is a great photographer said she would like to trade quilting for photography. She and her husband came here for a weekend. Rob came up with themes for each month. I had to reign him in on a few…I should have vetoed one that actually made it into the calendar. It’s a little out of my comfort zone. You should have seen us at the park when he walked out dressed in a diaper ….Only. Yes…you read that correctly.

So I gave him a quilt to feature in each month and he and Pam came up with the “visions and themes” ect. I wasn’t even there for some of the photos because in true fashion my husband was completely unorganized….and this is why he doesn’t get a chance to do very many projects because he doesn’t think far enough ahead…and I was running around collecting things from every where.

One good thing is that my brother and brother in law moved here last year and they are hoarders…so oddly enough they had a TON of props and stuff that we needed….like off of the wall stuff that was perfect for Rob’s witty scenes. Most of the photos contain something from their house! LOL

So all of this to say we are selling Calendars. They are 25$ you can message me or go to my ETSY shop : HERE

Do you all recognize this iconic scene from a movie? The caption should say “Shi**ers Full” with Cousin Eddie as the main man. LOL I wanted to show this image first which is shown in the month of December in the calendar because “Oh Christmas Tree” was recently picked up by Annie’s Catalog…It’s also in my ETSY shop…..and it happens to be my favorite photo in the calendar ( other than August). I love the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie and this was so fin to create…we were all laughing the whole time. SO even the memories creating this photo were funny.

I hope you all have a wonderful Night!

Happy Labor day!

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  1. Patricia D Delamater September 1, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Enjoyed reading your comments and love the photo above!!! Rob sounds like a great guy to have in your life:)

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