Charisma Appreciation Day

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Well I told my family I was “boycotting” mother’s day.

I hate this holiday it brings up nothing but the bad things of what I didn’t get….A good mother.

You go to Fb and everyone posts all of these great things about their moms……and well I don’t feel that way. I know at this point it should be about me….and my own family. But some how it never is…no matter how I try not to focus on that it just automatically reverts to that. So I told Rob….Please don’t get me anything. Don’t buy me anything. Don’t make me a special dinner. Don’t let the kids make me breakfast in bed…..I just don’t want to fake a smile…or fake anything. I just don’t want the reminder.  Selfish…right?

Well I woke up early and I started making breakfast for the family…Cole came upstairs and offered to make pancakes. He’s really good at making pancakes..and honestly..I prefer to have the help in the kitchen….so we can spend time together. So we all ate breakfast together. Preston gave me a card and some gourmet chocolates. Sweet KID! My family likes singing cards….so it was a card with teh wonder woman theme song…talking about how I am a super mom.

Then I thought about skipping church. Just because I knew it was going to be all about Mothers. We had a guest speaker..and he gave a really good sermon..I teared up a few times..because well it was hitting a sore spot. His sermon was about Mary and how we should all emulate after Mary..he focused on her qualities and how God trusted her to be Jesus’ mother for a reason. It was really good and if I was in a better mood I would write summary on it…but I can’t at this point. Then they ask all of the mothers to go up front so they can hand us a flower…UGH! I didn’t want to…but Rob made me..and I figured if I didn’ would cause a bigger scene. What a poor attitude!

Then I decided to go to the shop..I got some clearance fabric yesterday …and left it for them to cut & add to my account. Also my friend Michael is in town. He is my IT guy and also Cindi’s…they all met at Quilt market last year..when I couldn’t make it…Now he has several friends here. :) So he was hanging at the shop..we decided to go have lunch at a great Mexican place here in town…I stuffed myself…then at the end the server handed me a rose…For mother’s day. UGH!

So then I invited Michael back to my house so he could go grocery shopping with us and spend some time with my family. He reads all about them…but hasn’t met them. We made dinner…a pinterest recipe…that turned out really yummy and he bought several pies for us. I am stuffed from 3 huge meals today..I may not be able to eat for a week! We all laughed as my kids told him lots of embarrassing stories and cracked lots of (off color) jokes….They kill me!My family also handed me a Mother’s day card at dinner. It was also a singing card. Quite nice.

So while Rob and I were talking he said it was unfair to them not to celebrate Mother’s day…but I just couldn’t hear it. So he said how about “Charisma Appreciation day” . I said OK. I am still not fond of that …..but I really don’t want them going out of their way. I really like the small things anyway….and these types of holidays make you reflect. I reflect on all of my faults and everything I have done wrong. All the ways I fall short. I don’t ever feel like I have done a good enough job. But this is me. This is how I feel about just about everything in my life…and I always have to step back..and think….STOP! You are doing the best you can…and that’s all you can do.

So I am finishing my day in my HAPPY place ( the studio) and I am just going to feel good about all I have accomplished.

Over the weekend I finished a bargello..I have to make another one because I sewed double the panels than I was supposed to. Which really stinks….because I didn’t need two quilts…but it’s ok because i used stash…but because I used color bridge wasn’t the greatest….so the quilts are “OK”…but not my favorites by far. Live and learn.

I have made several bargellos..this one is really easy. The others I have made were alot more tedious. But Bargellos are almost torture for me…I have to study the diagrams so much and make sure that everything matches up perfectly and you can get easily mixed the pattern is vital.  You don’t ever get into a groove of sewing because you have to stop and look at every single addition.  Kind of like my dear jane…no groove cause each block is different…so lots of studying.

I am thinking after I get caught up on what I have…I am going to start on my DJ quilt again…I should really be able to make some progress on that. I have been quilting quite a few quilts and my bins are not so full anymore…..which is nice. It means I am making progress on my UFO list.

I am excited about Market this week…it will be my first one. YAY! So that’s good news…LOL ( negative Nellie took over this post for a minute) .

I just want to say…I am thankful for so many things in my life even if there are some bad days. I have had a rough couple of weeks….and I know it’s going to get better. It always does. Life is good.

Have a great week!


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