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So clearly we have had alot of changes recently…..


Grandma is no longer with us, summer is almost over and the kids start school on Thursday, we have a new business deal with the innovas/shows and we are also getting into a much better routine.

I hired Donna, my new housekeeper. Her real name should be “Angel”

It was so nice coming home on Sunday because the hosue was in some sort of order. It hasn’t been that way in some time. Donna is slowly but surely making her way through everything. Deep cleaning and maintaining. It’s a dream. She does everything. She has made this house her mission feild. Organizing kid stuff …in their rooms…washing laundry ..and scrubbing everything. After she gets our house in order on the inside she wants to work on our yard. Can we say relief? I have a big relief lifted off my shoulders. She is a christian and just wants to help take care of us. I love that!

When I don’t have the overwhelming feeling of “housework” I can get so much more accomplished.

We have been going through everybody’s room getting rid of stuff for the church yard sale. Today the china hutch is going to Donna’s …she said she would like it if we were getting rid of it.   My girls are hoarders and packrats….good greif! I made Clarissa get rid of tons of stuff..I don’t even know where she had it all? but all of her room is clean and sorted….finally. The boys went through all of their clothes…so did Rob and I. I believe Jeri did too…..I went through the kitchen and livingroom. All we have left is the storage unit. But because of our circumstances..We will probably wait until spring. These are good changes ….I thrive in routine. I love to feel like we are sorted and organized…and at least a hope of maybe maintaining it. Donna comes 5 days a week…..

I am justifying this cost by cutting back on other expenses and making my kids come up with their own extra expenses. Most of the mess is theirs and I am sick of fighting with them. So they will have to come up with sport money….anything extra. Those are priveldges and not something I have to do. I had no probelm paying them when they did their part in this house…but now since I hired someone else to clean up after them…well they get to see the bottom line and live with it. She’s a way better house keeper anyway. hehe.


But you know how when you see part of the house clean you just want to do everything to maintain it…I think we are all feeling that way right now.  So I a not having problems with anyone not making beds…I know it’s a matter of time..but for now…it’ s nice.

Well I hope you are all finding happiness in daily life and routines.


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  1. Deb in Japan August 29, 2012 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Nice. I have a housekeeper come every 2 weeks, believe me that is money very well spent.

    Glad the shows are letting you get some little extras.

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