Bryce’s First Job

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You don’t know what we have been going through this last couple of weeks.

I honestly have to say Bryce always gets the short end of the stick..and he has to work harder to get what he wants.

Honestly….I think part of it is his personality..he is a bit rough around the edges…he comes off to people as pompous {which is never attractive} and he has an attitude..he really only wants to strive for something when its what he wants…or he thinks it should be handed to him. I won’t hand him hardly anything…cause frankly Life doesn’t do that so why should I teach him any different?

He is struggling in school right now..he refuses to ask for help or go to tutoring…so when you have that type of attitude you have to deal with the consequences. It’s kind of difficult being a parent to this type of personality. But Jeri my oldest daughter struggles in school and she manipulates teachers…and turns on the water works….so then the teachers don’t hold her accountable and baby her. That isn’t any better? Now she has learned that she doesn’t have to turn papers in on their due dates….and she will have a  rude awakening in college.   She is ending her junior year and has no study skills….or accountability. Bryce is ending his freshman year…along with his transcripts and the fact that his parents won’t let him go to drivers ED or play on a hoopfest team during the summer..he pays the consequences. Hopefully this will be his last bad year.

So in true Jeri and Bryce Fashion….

Bryce has been a part of OMNY all his school years…he started out being a kid at the church camp..then worked his way up to bike/tire man for two years..and co-counselor. Those are not paid positions. Jeri was not part of the program…until she was able to be a co-counselor. Well to get a paid position of counselor have to have been part of the program before…and you can only be a counselor through the summer leading up to your freshman year in college..then you have to leave the program. Jeri was able to move up into the program pretty easily because there were several college students leaving…so she didn’t have to worry….in fact that year I think they had to hire some kids outside of the program. Of course.

This year is Bryce’s first opportunity to be a counselor. This is a perfect job for him because he can get paid…it only lasts 5-6 weeks and then he can also spend some time with his dad over the summer. However, There are new leaders this year. There was also more people to move up than were leaving. Bryce has been a basket case the last two weeks sweating about this job…because he wanted this job so badly. At this age everything is life or death you know. So there were 6 kids interviewing for 3 positions. 50-50 chance. I hate those odds.

They had him write a letter of interest, then he had to get reference letters. Then he had an interview. I took pictures last thursday of what he looked like at his first job interview. When the interview was over..he said he thought it went well. Honestly…I proof read his letter…I thought it was good. I didn’t help him write one thing because I wanted it to be from him. I was impressed. I thought he looked nice for his interview..and I didn’t even help him. He was even nervous about his hair thinking ..he was to shaggy they may not take him seriously…LOL. After he said that I was nervous for him..because I knew how much he wanted this job. They told him they would call on Saturday and let him know either way. Saturday came and went…no call.   I think they have no idea what they are doing to my poor son. He was going on and on..about how the other kids have better personalities..the leaders like them more…he was picking himself apart bit by bit the whole time. {who does that sound like?} He was doubting every fiber of his being. Listening to him kills me….I was telling him to let it go…just think about something else. Then my Dh pipes in to say “well you don’t do that…so you are one to say that?”…Thanks Honey! the point is ..I don’t want him to be like me. No matter how we parent they pick up these things. All of our bad things….why is that?  { I guess he does get some good things..LOL}

We live in a small of the directors of the program is my neighbor. Can you guess what I did on Mother’s day? Yes. I know. I became one of the crazy moms….I shamefully walked over to my neighbors house and just said..”I am really embarassed…but my son is dying to know. Is there anyway you can let us know?” She said she was sworn to secrecy.   But she would call the other leader and ask him to make the calls to the kids. Then she told me how she appreciated Bryce…and how well she thought he honest he was..and that she really thought he had the best letter….They could tell whose parents had written the letters and whose didn’t. I told her that I wouldn’t have even tried..really this is such a  good experience for’s setting him up for real life….why would I interfere?  He needs to do these things on his own..or I will be crippling him in the long run. But she really didn’t give away whether he got the job or not. Still no call. Also in my defense Rob was also anxious..he kept pushing me to go over and talk to Marci and see if he had the job. Then he would process through everything and say “You know it really won’t be fair if he doesn’t get the job…he has been there the longest..he works hard”….yada yada yada. See how we are? Then we were trying to come up with plan B of getting him a job somewhere else. Getting our ducks in a row with all of our contacts a way to compensate and help him.  I feel crazy. I think it’s a parent thing right?

My kid has been grumpy all day with anxiety.

Then at 8:30 tonight Bryce was getting out of the neighbor came over….Marci {mrs. Bolding}. It was really funny..because I was calling him..and he didn’t know she was standing in the doorway and he only had on his underwear. LOL He started yelling…”HEY can someone bring me some pants or something…LOL. I think she felt bad because the other leader still had not called so she wanted to stop the suspence. She asked Bryce if wanted to be part of the OMNY team. He said “Yes”…but he still didn’t understand what she was saying. Because then he asked..”So are you saying I have a job?” She said “yes” ..he was in disbelief. LOL Then he was all smiles..and called his dad to let him know. We have all been on pins and needles waiting to see. I am so proud. It’s one of those moments that makes me think…”Ok I have done it. I can trust him to get through such a difficult process and succeed” That’s all we really want right? I know I was a medling mom for a moment..adn I shoudl have just let it go..but the anxiety got to me..&  who wouldn’t shame themselves for their kid??LOL   ending the misery for him….I understand what that’s like…but I also know it’s part of the process and I can’t go get the answers for him all the time…..but I won’t beat myself up about it. After she left and he got off the phone with his dad he said..”Geez mom could have told me it was Mrs. Bolding….I would have gotten dressed faster..thats embarassing.” I said ..”Oh it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before..she has a teenage son” LOL  he said “So”. LOL

So despite my failures….and his ….I think this has been a valuable or lose…in this case he WON! He has his perfect summer job and he is locked in for the next 4 years! Yahoo! I am pretty proud of him!  Then in true Bryce fashion he said to Clarissa. “I am going to request that you be a part of my group so I can make you be my slave and do all my work for me.” LOL She said..”I don’t think so!”

Some things will never change!





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