Bryce’s D9P Quilt

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IMG_4852 IMG_4851Bryce started this quilt in middle school. He never finished it. He had all of these blocks done..he worked on it one summer. It was back when he wanted to be with me all of the time. Back when there wasn’t tension with the both of us in the same room..both trying to behave our selves and our mouths. IMG_4850

He wanted to cut them all himself, sew them all him self and choose the colors…he just played in my scrap bin. I kind of think ( if I remember correctly) he was going to try and make it for his Dad. But maybe not. Now he is to cool to finish it…he doesn’t want to be in the same room with me for extended amounts of time…and he is pretty busy between high school, sports and homework. That’s OK. There has to be a change, growth and I know eventually he will come back. ( even though at time both of us feel that he may never do that…or maybe nether of us want that at the time..because it doesn’t seem possible? We all go through that with teens don’t we..please tell me it’s true.)IMG_4849

I decided to get the blocks out last month and do the best I could to get them together ( a little more evenly) and  make a quilt. I made a flannel back…and quilted it last night. Just simple loops. That’s all it called for……and I will make a special label for it and save it for Bryce. When he gets married, has a baby…..or when he decided to like his mom again. I think it will be special for him one day. I can keep it and hang on to the memory of when he used to be nice and not full of testosterone. I miss those days more than anyone can imagine.IMG_4853

I know I am not a perfect mom and I don’t know how to handle everything. But I do know that I am just doing the best I can…regardless of my mistakes I love him more than I can express…and  I know we will both get through this tough phase.



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