BQ Ferns

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Ruth sent me this quilt …and this is by far the biggest quilt I have ever is HUGE! I quilted it over last weekend.  Ruth and Debra are really good friends (Debra came to me by way of QB…& referred Ruth) who live in my state..although a  few hours away ….and they have men in their lives that come this way for fishing and work…so they are our “shipping system”…usually.

Ruth has sent several quilts over…and this one measure 126×126. I can’t fit 126 in length on my frame we have to cut a few inches off on each side….( left that for her…I can’t cut on anyones quilt) now I know that 122 is about my limit comfortably…to fit width way.

I can’t even think about a 14 foot frame because my studio isn’t big enough…..I already have two long arms in there..hehe.

Anyway I only took a few pictures of this huge quilt on the frame…..because it is far to big to take anywhere for photos in my house..hehe.

The dino quilt she sent for the boys to stipple….

Great little quilt!


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