Bonnie’s 2 sided quilt.

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Well Bonnie sent me this quilt and two pillow tops…

She made this quilt for her daughter as a special gift. I don’t know that I should go into details…but it has a really significant meaning. I am always so  grateful to be a part of something so special even though my part is so small. I think this is Bonnie’s first time sending a quilt to a LAQ….so we muddled through and I just really think the end result is beautiful. We chose an “all-over” type of design because the quilt is two sided…and I can’t even decide which side is my favorite side.  She did so much work…..and I hope she feels very proud of her work….!!!!


We used HObbs polydown batting …..I used a grey thread on both sides because it would blend the best…..Thanks so much for looking.

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