Boho- Chic and Hexies

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Aileen brought these as well…and as soon as she pulled out this green quilt with the scarf of organically pieced type of stripes …..she said she just wanted me to have fun in the green and give it a Bohemian type of feel. I was so excited!

she was going to add some more stitching & embroidery on the scarf section…but wanted to do that after it was quilted. So I only quilted that down enough to keep it stable.  The rest was just fun and I just let it take me where it was supposed to go.

What you can’t see in the pictures is that it’s linen the stitching just sinks in so nicely and it creates this beautiful texture.

It was so hard to send back home. I love this one so much!

Aileen always makes beautiful projects and she chooses fabrics that I adore!

This next one is a baby quilt and she said she didn’t really care how I quilted it….but I thought it would be a great opportunity to mix computer and Charisma Quilting. So I had the computer ( AKA ROB the Roboquilter) do the hexies on the top & bottom and then I would do my own quilting in the center.

I really like the use of quilting designs to create those textures. so there is teh really linear perfect designs and then mine. :)

They both turned out so well! Thanks Aileen for trusting me with your quilts!




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