Blocks and More Blocks

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So in my small little quilting group we are making a mystery’s not a mystery for me because I am writing the patterns out for each month..and it’s not a mystery for Sally because she chose the pattern..and she already has her quilt top made..I haven’t seen it quilted if she did finish it already?  We actually chose a purchased pattern…hoping that none of our group would recognize it…and I am re-typing the instructions to keep it a secret and also stratigically choosing the filler blocks and everything first as to not give away what the pattern is….hehe. There is a couple of blocks in the quilt that I am going to sew up..but kind of reverse them in my own quilt ( they will be thelast block revealed) so I can make it fit my theme better and I am kind of excited to make it look like something completly different than what it is….but transform it.

Anyway I completed the first couple of months worth of blocks..I found a bag of favorite scraps from a  sampler I made a few years  back…so I am using the same fabrics for this quilt….using up I love the why not? I can only show you the first month…so teh girls dont geta peak before they get their instructions. But I am taking pictures along the way so I can post them eventually….

Then I was going through some of my numerous baggies of fabrics around here and I found one from Harmony..when she mailed back my quilt tops ..along with her quilt tops for our trade agreement…she sent a little baggie with what i thought were leftover scraps..I hadn’t opened it..but when I did I saw what she had done..she is so fabulous!..what a nice surpirse…all these crumbs she had made into blocks or at least sewed HST or something so they could eventually be put into scrap quilts..what a nice gal! I just love the tiny blocks..I kind of what to make some little quilts just so I can use those! To showcase them. LOL see how crazy I am?



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