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I have been posting on my blog how tired I am..and about all of the bad things we are going through at this time. I decided yesterday when I got out of bed I was just going to focus on all of the good stuff that is happening. I needed to recognize all of the blessings I have. All of the people in my life..everyday or otherwise..that I love..that love me.

My healthy family ( except these cold virus’ that keep getting me and them..but in the grand scheme of things we are really healthy) …the fact that we aren’t starving or really suffering. The fact that if I need something ..I can drive my perfect running car to the store and buy what I need. If I need to drive to the doctor I can do that as well.

I think we need to start out thinking about what we DO have instead of what we don’t have..or what insane people are trying to cause strife in our lives.

I was able to gift a quilt I made ( and posted a few weeks ago) to our church secretary yesterday. I also brought her and our Pastor lunch. It was a special time. I am blessed to have such leadership and a heart connection with a special lady. I was giddy with excitement to give her that quilt…I knew she would love it.  It was traditional and all her colors. She cried. AWE! It really made my day.

Then after a wonderful lunch of sharing ..I came home to prepare dinner for my kids…and Rob and I went out on a dinner date. He will be missing dinner today because he has to go on a work trip which will bring him home past dinner time…so we thought we should spend some time together…and I love that time with him.  I am just so proud of him. I am proud of him becoming such a great leader…stepping up ..out of his comfort zone. He is being more social…he is volunteering for activities…he is such a good provider and protector. I love that about him. I also love that he doesn’t mess around with words. So when he does speak everyone listens. It’s a good quality.

I also came across an opportunity yesterday.There has been trash flying for several people. Like I said earlier there a few bad apples that think they need to make it horrible for others….and while I was hearing of some people being thrown under the bus….which really tugged at my heart…God told me there is always a reason this has to happen. You know what that reason is? So he can do something good with it. He turns trash to treasure right? So glad to partner up with God. What a blessing! My heart just swells.

I also got to provide snack for Youth Group yesterday. I also stopped by to share with the young kids about the Easter event I am hosting at Church. Last night was the pre-teens. I miss that my kids are not that age anymore…( only Clarissa is) and I remember that stage so well. When I pulled up…several came over to hug me..and several asked if they could come over this weekend…LOL. I think there are several reasons for this….but mostly I think they just recognize a healthy loving environment. It used to be that I had a ton of kids here all the time..and noise and chaos didn’t bother me…..the older I get the more I appreciate the quiet and structure. I have been wondering if that is because I am worn out..or God’s way of preparing me for the  empty nest?  I have no idea.

Rob has been on-line looking at cars for Jeri. She finally passed her drive test. :) I was a doubter (especially after she almost got in a wreck on the first I have heard how she has almost killed them several times)…but she scored a 96%. Pretty amazing! Trina gave her 1000$ to buy a car. Trina is also putting her on her insurance and buying her a phone. She will be living with Trina after it all makes sense. Jeri will be 18 soon…and she has no idea what kind of responsibility comes with all of this…I think she is really dragging her feet and in denial……Awe….to be a kid again. LOL.
She needs to be looking for jobs…she has put her application in at 2 places…and thinks that is a great effort. LOL…..again…FUNNY!

Bryce still doesn’t need to get a job….but he kind of wants a job. But he refuses to work anywhere that he doesn’t deem a “cool” job. So basically he won’t have a job either. What is with these kids? When I was there age I was beating the pavement looking for a job..just so I could buy the clothes I wanted….and get my hair permed. LOL.

But in the back of my mind..I know in a way this is all blessings just because in a few months my family will change. I will no longer have a half dozen living at home. bittersweet. I will have a new normal. It will be good…but different. It’s hard to know exactly what it will be until it arrives..kind of like when we start to have babies. But I am looking ahead.

I have also decided with help from my friend Donna, to have a couple beginner quilting classes at my church. Several people ask for quilts…and I can’t make them for everyone…however I can teach them to make their own. So that will be fun. Donna is a gifted teacher….and I am a good cheerleader. Just sayin. It will be blessings to help someone else and also make some new friends.

Well I must get some work done..I have pictures to post today….that’s a blessings as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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