BIG News!!

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So as some of you all already know….I have been officially published. I had no idea that they released the magazines so early. I was told that my first publication would be in the Jan/Feb issue of McCall’s Quilting. So I have been anticipating maybe getting a magazine in December. :)

It arrived on Tuesday.

Here is what the cover looks like.

Here is my submission on page 40.

Notice there is a spot where my head shot should be: Awkward. It’s not there. Apparently, they are having troubles with their server and didn’t get my head shot? So that’s a bit disappointing. I also named my quilt “Glitter Sky” …not Twinkle-Twinkle. Now I know they change that as well. I am fine with it. But when/ if I publish it myself I will keep my own names, I think.

So a little about the quilt. I have talked about how I am technology challenged. After I got the “feel” of using EQ I started designing a few quilts. I really like asymmetrical designs and modern quilts.  SO late one night I completed this quilt and I submitted it to an editor. It was the first time I ever submitted anything and I wasn’t thinking it would even be accepted. But the next day I found out that it was and I was ordering fabric. I made the quilt in the original colors I had designed which was here:

Very modern, bright colors and the gray back ground. This version of my quilt is with my binder currently Because I wanted it to be ready when the magazine came out—- SO I could show it. I will do another post when it comes back. But I really love it. I made it with American Made Brand solids . My favorites.


Then I got the message from my editor stating they wanted different fabrics. So I re-made the quilt.

This was my digital mock up using the fabrics that the magazine requested. The final result is a bit different. But this gave an idea of what they wanted. This version uses Marblehead fabrics from Paintbrush studio. I am going to see if I can find the photos from when I actually quilted my quilt and do a  side by side comparison in my next post. I actually haven’t gotten this quilt back from the magazine yet.

I quilted them both different….so I could show the versatility.

So as I have been going through this the last few months there is a lot of changes that are made to designs once they get to the editor and to be accepted.

There’s a few things I have learned.

Typically, at least from what I have gotten accepted– they tend to want simpler designs (that could just be from the issues I have been accepted into) because they want to be able to fit the patterns on a certain amount of pages. So sometimes I have to change and create simpler blocks or take away and have less variety. Which makes sense. Also they like to choose their own colors and themes typically. I have no idea which quilts they kit to sell or anything. Or even how they determine that. So there is typically a lot of emails back and fourth before a design is actually approved and accepted and given the go ahead. Which is fine. I like a lot of communication. But also sometimes I feel like sometimes my direct style isn’t being reflected. Which is also OK because I realize I have to work within the confines of a specific magazine and style. I remember in High school art class, my teacher telling us that all “working” artists have to work within confines & rules if they want to eat. That is… until they work up to a status of being their own boss. So I am learning and I am perfectly happy with that.

Each publication is different, has different rules and styles. I will tell you a bit about each publication as it comes out. I am very excited and happy with the way things have been moving along for me.

So also I realized that my quilt is actually featured twice in the same magazine. On page 93 there is an advertisement for a show called “Quilt It”. The longarm quilting show. I have actually never seen it and there are actually 12 famous quilters featured and named on the add. However, the background quilt in this ad is my quilt. YAHOOOO!!! They used my quilting to be the advertisement for a bunch of famous quilter who have a show?? That’s pretty amazing, flattering and fabulous!!

Monday night we got sad news about our dog. I am going to make sure that the rest of her life is good and we will make sure she doesn’t suffer before she has to cross the bridge. But that kind of had me in a funk.

Then I go to check the mail on Tuesday and here is my first publication.

I know to some people this may not be a big deal. But to me…..Charisma from no where, who is a nobody, who grew up poor white -trash, was told she could never become an artist, and a whole host of other things……THIS IS A PRETTY BIG DEAL to me.

It’s not as if I wasn’t expecting this..I sent in my quilt months ago. I knew it was coming. But once I saw it in print…

I just sat and cried. ***Until I was interrupted by a phone call. :)  (You all know who you are.)*** then they got the Charisma sob story. Love you guys!

I have been reading those quilting magazines since I knew what quilting was. I have quite the collection. I never dreamed I would be IN a magazine.  Like I legitimately,blindly submitted and I was accepted…..not for any other reason than my own hard work, talents and abilities. It’s not as if I haven’t been working the grind. I work hard and I try hard.

I immediately thought of my Grandfather and how he would have been so proud of me.  He encouraged my crafting and artwork. He would look at my homemade cards and think I had done some magnificent thing. Now I think he would be over the moon.

I also think of all of the people who have encouraged me along the way in all parts of my life. The people who have supported my small business. Mostly my Friends. I wish there was a word for friends that are actually family. I have really had to create my own family with friends….”framily”?? I will work on that. LOL

Rob has been a big cheerleader in my life. But not only that– it is not lost on me that my husband has literally broken his back, not only to support and feed our 6 children but also to let me fly and realize my own dreams. When I wanted to give up he wouldn’t let me. When I want to throw in the towel– I think about how I can’t because then he would be hobbling around for nothing. What I really need to do is make this so fruitful so he can join me and preserve what he has left of his back. So I have to keep going.  I want to make his hard work better by providing for him.

I just want to say Thank you to everyone for your love, support and encouragement.  Without that I am not sure I would have the confidence to keep trying. To keep setting goals and working to figure out my journey.  I have no idea where anything will lead. But honestly….I am happy for where I am now in this time of my life. I am learning and setting goals and figuring out new things.

I know Janeane loves this…and she is the one who sparked my interest in quilting…so I want to give her a BIG Thank YOU!! Had You not taught me a few simple stitches and exposed me to the world of quilting ,I would not be here. God used you as a vessel to show me a different form of “art” and now I realize that quilting is just a part of me….stitched in my soul.

I also want to Thank God. Honestly…without him none of this is possible. He gifted me with talent, drive, good friends, loved ones,  and the list goes on. ( is this starting to sound like some sort of awards speech?…I kind of feel that way ..sorry. lol). But most importantly his guidance and wisdom and protection are my favorite things. He provides me with everything I need and I have faith that he will lead me where I am supposed to go. It’s always his plan in his timing and I am along for the ride.  But I know that there is no plan B….He will always lead me to plan A. His best plan.

So I know this may not be a this big of a deal to someone else…and that’s perfectly fine. But I just want everyone ( all of you) to  know that it is for me…and I don’t take one second of this for granted. I don’t take any of you for granted. I know, I have a community and I am not alone. I wish, I could articulate how special I feel that anybody, all of you…..take time to write nice things, look at my pictures, send me work, support me and encourage me. It makes a me feel like I am valued.  I am not sure if I can put it in any other meaningful way. I guess, I am just trying to say thank you for helping me believe that dreams come true and believing in me. It means the world to me.






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  1. Lynn Spivey Rigsby November 7, 2018 at 6:37 am

    I’m so thrilled for you!
    I literally cried when I read this!
    You are an incredibly talented quilter and this new endeavor is an exciting new avenue ! I will forever be your biggest fan.
    C, I know only a small part of what you have overcome, and I am so very proud of you!!
    I will be looking for the magazine on the way home from work!

  2. Teresa November 7, 2018 at 8:58 am

    I’m am literally crying I am so proud of you and for you. I have Always said you were going to be a star. You are a Very talented artist my friend and I love you so much. Enjoy this time and get ready for More. sorry about Gracie I know the love you have for her you my dear friend will stay in my thoughts , prayers and my heart. Love you T

  3. Joyce November 7, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Congratulations! Your sense of color and talented quilting skills make every quilt “sparkle”.

  4. Amy Paulson November 7, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    I am so proud of you! Keep it up! Sending prayers and much love for continued success!

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