Beautiful Peacocks

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This lovely quilt was sent to me from across the country by a new to me quilter.

It’s a beautiful pattern that showcases those panel pieces perfectly.

I remember being around 10 years old when I learned that all beautiful Peacocks were males. That the females were not this beautiful. I found that to be a tragedy. How is it possible that the males were the pretty ones….I was on a field trip at school. On that same trip as we were looking at the ducks…the colorful mallard ducks were also all males and the brown less decorative ones were the females and I felt defeated. LOL  How could this be the case…..Then I learned about how  female  Lions have to do all of the work the male lions sit around doing nothing but sun bathing…..yeah….I felt like it was a memorable visit..probably just not in the way that I wanted. haha!

  I quilted feathers, lines, swirls and bubbles. I outlined and created textures in the birds to bring it all together.

It finished up lovely.

Beautiful back as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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